Electro surgicalunit or electroscalpel

The electroscalpel is a device that is present in approximately 80% of surgical processes, through electrical phenomena it is able to coagulate, flare, cut tissues according to established parameters, this instrument produces heat through an oscillatory electric current, concentrated in a small area; the current it uses is taken from the electrical network and transformed into direct current.

This unit consists of two types, one monopolar and one bipolar; the difference between them is the use of a return electrode in the monopolar electroscalpel that conducts the electric current to the electrosurgical unit and ends up in the patient; However, in the second the bipolar electrodes are on the same tip of the pencil, so it is safer.

Techniques used for the use of electroscalpel

  • Monopolar technique: applies to the patient the electric current coming from the electrosurgical generator.
  • Bipolar technique: the current generated by the electroscalpel is applied through a clamp.
  • Cut: Used to make an incision with minimal injury to adjacent tissue.
  • Flare: A type of coagulation that is applied to tissues to achieve greater control of bleeding.
  • Desiccation: destroys tissue superficially through dehydration.

Benefits of using electroscalpel 

We can make an extensive list of the advantages of electroscalpel thanks to the evolution of electrosurgery;most medical specialties have benefited from its use; because electroscalpel has shown as advantages to cut and cauterize tissues quickly causing minimal damage and providing favorable aesthetic results.

In addition, it gradually decreases the bleeding of the tissues thus reducing infections in the surgical area, ensuring good asepsis and decreasing healthy tissue infections, allows to save considerable operating time and variety in the appropriate instrumentation for each surgical act; for all these advantages is that electrosurgical units are used in a variety of medical specialties to ensure the reduction of risks and increase surgical efficiency.

Advantages of using electroscalpel in some surgical specialties 

  • Traumatology and orthopedics: this instrument allows to reduce bleeding in important surgeries such as: hip and knee replacement, where previously instruments that caused great blood loss were used.
  • Arthroscopy: the bipolar technique is used, since it performs less damage to neighboring tissues, also allows to use the same solution used for irrigation during the procedure.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology: The use of monopolar electroscalpel may have lower levels of pain and shorter healing time.
  • Dermatology: for the elimination of benign, malignant lesions, keratosis, ectasias.
  • Dental: cut and coagulate the tissue surrounding the tooth.
  • Veterinarian: surgeries are performed on animals, although they are not manufactured specifically for veterinary use, it is used to offer first aid or dermatology.
  • Gastroenterologist: there is no need for the use of plaques, we only use the bipolar technique.

Indispensable accessories in electrosurgical units 

  • Monopolar electrodes: there is variety and they are suitable for thermal density cuts.
  • Bipolar: it has the form of tweezers and current flows through both terminals.
  • Special electrode: it is for coagulation and there are two types spray and argon light beam.
  • Inactive or return electrode: lies on the patient and receives high-frequency current safely.
  • Foot switch: works to turn off or on the electroscalpel or the left switch for cutting and the right for coagulation. 

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