Ultrasonic Cleaners: Personal Care for Beauty Salon

In cosmetic centers, the topic of health is a priority. It is necessary to implement safety measures in beauty salons linked to hygiene, to ensure the well-being of customers and workers, due to the constant exposure to microorganisms causing infections.

It is important to clean the common spaces and work areas. However, the hygienization of the tools and utensils used is essential. Hairdressers and nail specialists work every day with instruments that, in addition to directly contacting the skin, are used in different customers. Therefore, all tools and parts of equipment must be cleaned and disinfected properly, between each client.

Contamination of beauty salon utensils

In a beauty salon, implements such as nail files, cuticle pliers, cuticle pushers, scissors or other work tools come into direct contact with the skin of many people, so the risk of infection with bacteria, viruses and fungi is high. These utensils should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Virtually all objects in the beauty salon are considered to have hard or soft surfaces of some kind. If any of these surfaces touch the customer’s skin, they are assumed to be contaminated. For example, files, polishers, utensils, manicure tables and pads for the arms, hand containers, towels, among others.

All surfaces considered contaminated should be cleaned and then disinfected. This routine is necessary because, if the cleaning of the utensils is not efficient, the residues that remain on the object, will prevent the disinfection products to make contact with the surface of the same, which hinders its disinfection.

Cleaning and disinfection of the utensils used in the beauty salon

Visible debris should be removed from all table surfaces, tools, and equipment. Disinfection is then done, which involves removing all but the endospores of organisms that cause infection.

Various tools and utensils are used in beauty establishments, some single-use or disposable, others reusable. In the latter, we can find hard tools, which are not absorbent, porous or absorbent elements, and elements that do not require disinfection.ย  The cleaning and disinfection routine may vary, depending on the object.

For porous or absorbent elements, such as nail scrubs, abrasive foam polishes, cloth towels, or suede, the washing machine (towels) and scrubbing brushes (polishes, files, scrubbing brushes) can be used. In all cases, a suitable detergent must be used. Isopropyl or ethyl alcohol 60-90% is then applied to disinfect utensils such as polishes, limes, and scrub brushes. A contact time of 5 minutes is recommended. In the case of fabrics, a chlorine solution can be used during washing.

For items that do not require disinfection, such as nail polish and nail base brushes, and those used to apply false nails, they should only be cleaned and stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

For hard tools, it is recommended to use the ultrasonic cleaner and specialized cleaning solutions. One of the most outstanding advantages of this equipment is that, in addition to eliminating waste in an efficient way, if we use suitable disinfectant products, we can carry out a medium or high level disinfection of the utensils.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

They are cleaning equipment that uses high-frequency sound waves. The cavitation produced by the waves emitted in the cleaning solution, release enough energy to release the debris attached to the utensils. The level of disinfection will depend on the solutions we use and the time that the materials are immersed in the solution.

For example, a solution containing 2% hydrogen peroxide is highly efficient in its bactericidal and viricidal action. This is a biodegradable disinfectant and no protective measures are required when used. Once the material is disinfected, it needs to be rinsed with plenty of distilled water, to remove the disinfectant.

There are also registered and approved hospital-grade disinfectants, the labels of which indicate that the product is a bactericide, fungicide and antiviral. After cleaning and disinfection, the utensils are dried and packed.

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