Clinical Refractometer YR05915

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Designed for clinical usage and intended for both Veterinary and Human. This unit provides quick and accurate indication of vital fluids levels. It has triple scale that gives Urine Specific Gravity(SG), Total Serum Protein(SP) and Refractive Index (RI). It’s FULLY EQUIPPED with ATC that automatically adjust itself to correct temperature discrepancies during use. Capable of measuring with high accuracy and provides precise results. It’s equipped with vivid and sharp reticle chart for easy and comfortable reading. It uses ambient light only and no batteries are needed. Made by experienced craftsmen and are unlikely to break down!

  • High quality body construction
  • Uses ambient light only which means battery or power source is not required
  • Easy to focus and calibrate
  • Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubber
  • With ATC function (Auto Temperature Compensation)
  • Durable and built to last long
Technical Specifications:
Model YR05915
Description ATC Clinical 0- 12g/dl 1.000-1.050sg 1.3300RI-1.3600RI optical refractomete
Measurement Range 0-12g/dl 1.000-1.050sg 1.3300RI-1.3600RI
Min. Div. 0.2g/dl 0.001 SG 0.001 RI
Accuracy ยฑ0.2g/dl ยฑ0.001 SG ยฑ0.001 RI
ATC Temp. 10-30ยฐ C
Material Pure aluminum

Additional Information

Weight 0,310 kg
Dimensions 21 × 8,5 × 5,5 cm

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