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Blood reagent profile analysis is a diagnostic test commonly used by clinicians to assess a patient’s health status. The test is done by taking a sample of blood from a vein and then analyzing it in a laboratory. The blood reagent profile collects data on several different aspects of the patient’s health.

This includes white and red blood cell counts, hemoglobin levels, differential white blood cell counts, platelet counts, levels of various electrolytes, levels of ions such as magnesium, potassium and sodium, and levels of hormones such as thyroxine, insulin and cortisol. The results of the blood reagent profile are essential to help doctors identify diseases and conditions.

Diseases and conditions include various forms of leukemia, anemia, iron deficiency, infectious diseases, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, liver and kidney conditions, and other chronic disorders such as diabetes. An analysis of the blood reagent profile may also reveal information useful in determining an appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

Types of Reagents and Consumables that a Laboratory may need


The reagents selected for qualitative studies in hematology must meet a number of requirements to ensure that they obtain the most accurate data. These requirements include technical quality, stability, purity, effectiveness, precision and safety. A very important characteristic of the reagents needed for these studies is their ability to provide high precisions and accuracies. Also, the reagents chosen must be soluble in an ISO-certified fluid that is suitable for the test method used and must be compatible with each other. Basically, the reagent(s) selected should be similar to those used previously to obtain similar results.


On the other hand; these standardized tests are also important in helping physicians evaluate the functioning of internal organs and the state of many body systems, from the digestive system to the immune system. 

Likewise; physicians can perform tests such as blood tests, flow cytometry processes, and immunological tests to evaluate the level of certain substances in the blood, such as certain blood cells, enzymes, and other components. Combined, these can help physicians diagnose and treat many diseases and disorders.


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There are an infinite number of models, so it is normal that you do not know which reagents and consumables to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so you can find what you are looking for.

Hematology Reagents YRA15 // YRA17

Hematology reagents are indispensable in the use of hematology analyzer. Hematology reagents include hemolytic agents...


Clinical Chemistry Reagents YRA1 // YRA14

Laboratory chemical reagents are chemical substances used in laboratories to make determinations of the content of other...


Hematology Reagents Package YRA17-1

Hematology reagents are indispensable in the use of hematology analyzer. Hematology reagents include hemolytic agents...


Histopathology Accessories and Consumables Packages

Improve quality, reduce errors, and save time with dedicated plug and play consumables. From glass slides and coverslips to wax and...


Our best-selling Reagent

Improve quality, reduce errors, and save time with dedicated plug and play consumables. From glass slides and coverslips to wax and bulk reagents, smooth running of any laboratory depends on a consistent supply of high-quality consumables.
Amongst our range of histology consumables you will be sure to find a cassette especially suited to fill your specific needs when processing regular tissue samples, single and multiple biopsies and also large specimens. Most models can be used with automated labelling machines.
Histology and pathology are sciences that are often used together in biology and medical laboratories. Histology and pathology laboratory equipment are tools that help to prepare and examine tissues.


Guides to become an expert in Reagents and Consumables

Reagents and Consumables equipment are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for a better use, so you can work as an expert.

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