Moisture Analyzer

A moisture analyser is a measuring device that sets the moisture compensation of a sample. It works with the dry matter method and consists of a weighing unit and a heating unit (infrared). Also, it is known as humidity balance or moisture meter. Humidity is all that dissipates with warming. In addition to water, the amount of moisture tested includes fats, alcohol, and solvents.

This device is one of the most used instruments in the laboratory, along with the granary balance, the precision balance, the microscales, the analytical balance and the precision scale.

Types of Moisture Analyser a Lab may need

Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05558 // YR05561 

Highlight Halogen Lamp, Polymer Materials/Heat Resistant Molding, Drive...


Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05557

5-inch touch screen/CH and EN switch,HBM sensor/halogen lamp highlight,Housing...


Infrared Moisture Analyzer YR05556

Infrared Lamp/HBM Sensor,Aluminum Housing/Stainless Steel Camera,High...


Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05552 // YR05555

Halogen Lamp/HBM Sensor, Aluminum Housing/Stainless Steel Camera, LCD...


Our Best Selling Moisture Analyser

  • 5 inch touch screen/CH and EN switch
  • Highlight halogen lamp/HBM sensor
  • Aluminum housing/stainless steel chamber
  • Dynamic Curve in Real Time/Date and Time
  • Temperature/Time Setting
  • The percentage of moisture content/dry residue
  • Store historical set
  • Option: Aluminum Box/Printer/Grinder
A moisture analyser is a device that efficiently dries a sample by transferring energy by radiation, i.e. the transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through a medium, which in this case is the sample, or by convection, heat transfer by mass movement.

Analysis of the best Moisture Analysers for your Laboratory

      What is a moisture scale?         

A moisture balance is a device used to measure moisture in different materials, quickly and accurately. This...


What is the function of a Moisture Analyzer?

The moisture analyzer basically works through integral devices, through special modules that calculate the....


Care and Maintenance of a Moisture Analyzer?

The main objective of the care and maintenance of moisture analyzers, as drying processing equipment of the materials...


 What is a Moisture Analyzer?               

The moisture analyzer is a device used to calculate the moisture content of virtually any substance. It performs...


Guides to becoming an expert in Moisture Analyser

Humidity Analysers are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert...

Characteristics and maintenance of a Moisture Analyzer?

During the practice of moisture analyzers, it is of great importance, the functions according to the heating efficiency...

Why is a Moisture Analyzer important in a Laboratory?

A moisture analyzer is a measuring device that establishes the moisture compensation of a sample. It works with the ...

What are the types of Moisture Analyzers that exist?

The moisture analyzers work to calculate the moisture content of the matter, have halogen and infrared heating ... 

Methods used for determination of Moisture in a sample

Humidity is a factor that can greatly influence the fluidity of a material, its compressibility, as well as its cohesiveness. This is vitally important in the agricultural, food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as excessive moisture can lead to abused....

Frequently Asked Questions about Moisture Analysers

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