A UV transilluminator is used to illuminate biological samples stained with fluorescent dyes. Its operation is simple but sophisticated: it emits ultraviolet light, which is absorbed by the dyes and then re-emitted as visible fluorescence. This visible light helps us to identify and study DNA, RNA, and protein samples.

In addition, this equipment is capable of reducing recurring manual tasks, minimizing the margin of human error and considerably increasing the efficiency of laboratory procedures. Thus, its incorporation results in significant savings in time and resources. Another advantage of the ultraviolet fluorescence illuminator is its accuracy. Unlike traditional methods, its use allows a more accurate and detailed detection of samples, increasing the reliability of the results.

Types of transilluminators that a laboratory may require

UV Transilluminator YR06030

The high transparent UV protective screen, can be opened to any angle, safe operation, convenient...


Portable UV Transilluminator YR06032

Small size, simple operation.Two kinds of UV wavelength, observe applicable to different gel...


UV Transilluminator YR06031

No need for darkroom, can be use for all-weather.With the operation of export for cuting the gel...


Our best-selling Transilluminator

  • Small size, simple operation.
  • Two kinds of UV wavelength, observe applicable to different gel.

The gel transilluminator is an indispensable laboratory tool for scientists working in the field of genetics and molecular biology. By producing ultraviolet (UV) light, this scientific instrument allows effective and safe visualization of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA), stained with certain fluorescent dyes. However, to ensure optimal efficiency and safety, it is essential to know how to maximize its effectiveness for efficient handling and accurate results.

Catalog of Transilluminator models on offer


Guides to become a Transilluminator expert

Transilluminator equipment are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for a better use, so that you can work as an expert.

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The gel transilluminator is an indispensable laboratory tool for scientists working in the field of genetics and molecular...

UV transilluminator: A game changer in molecular diagnostics?

A UV transilluminator, also known as an ultraviolet light illuminator, is a crucial laboratory instrument, especially in genomic and proteomic studies. It allows visualizing and photographing various elements such as: gels prepared with RNA, DNA or protein ...

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