Spectrophotometry is an analytical technique that allows determining the concentration of a compound in solution. It is based on the principle that molecules absorb electromagnetic radiation and in turn that the amount of light absorbed depends linearly on the concentration. A spectrophotometer is used to measure the amount of light absorbed by a solution.

That is, spectrophotometry refers to the measurement of relative amounts of light absorbed by a sample, as a function of wavelength. It is characterized by its accuracy, sensitivity and its applicability to molecules of different nature (pollutants, biomolecules, among others) and aggregation state (solid, liquid, gas).

Types of Spectrophotometers a Laboratory May Need

Unique beam


This is one of the components of the spectrophotometer, responsible for illuminating the chemical or biological sample to be analyzed. There are two types:

  • Single Beam: is an analytical tool in which all light waves emanating from the light source pass through the sample. Therefore, the measurements are taken in how the light intensity, passes through the sample. These single-beam spectrophotometers are more compact and optically simpler than double-beam spectrophotometers. 

Double beam

The basics of the spectrophotometer, allows to measure the radiation absorbed by a solution, in which determines the concentration of solute or the rate of transformation in a chemical reaction. 

Basically, its light functions are necessary in the use of special lamps, among the most common types are: 

  • The Deuterium and Tungsten Long Life Lamps, capable of providing the best wavelength protection, through the working range of a high performance spectrometer. They are used for wavelengths of visible spectrum and near ultraviolet. These lamps produce a radiant spectrum between 360-950 nm. Deuterium Lamps generate a continuous spectrum in the ultraviolet region between 220-360 nm.

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Visible Spectrophotometer โ€“ YR01847

The instrument uses a lead screw structure so that the instrument wavelength accuracy and wavelength...


UV-VIS Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer

Equipped with USB port to connected with a PC to display spectrum scanning,kinetics and Multi wavelength...


UV / VIS Spectrophotometer โ€“ YR01856

YR01856 spectrophotometer equipped with 6 inches LCD display, is an ideal and advanced analytical...


Double Beam UV / Vis Spectrophotometer

Dual optical path, dual beam optical system, dual detector, with imported high performance grating, lower...


Our Best Selling Spectrophotometer

Product Description

YR01857 spectrophotometer equipped with 6 inches LCD display, is an ideal and advanced analytical instrument for laboratory to realize wavelength scanning, Kinetics test, multi wavelengh functions. All functions can be operated on spectrophotometer and can be read directly on the display.

YR01857 series has a 6 inches LCD display to show results and curves directly on the screen.

YR01857 uses a rigid 8mm die-case aluminum base as its optical mount to ensure instrumentstability and reliability.

Multi functions like spectrum scanning, standard curve, kinetics,multi wavelength, DNA/RNA/Protein testing can be operated directly on the spectrophotometer and all corresponding curves and data can be displayed directly.

Analysis of the best Spectrophotometers for your Laboratory

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Guides to becoming an expert in Spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers  are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

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What technology uses a spectrophotometer?

Spectrophotometry is a technique that has the ability to evaluate and measure how much light can be absorbed by a substance, either solid or liquid, this technique seeks to measure the luminous intensity of the sample when it passes through a beam of light. .

Videos of Spectrophotometers in operation

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Spectrophotometer operating

The operation of this equipment is based on the light of the special lamp that it has that is guided by means of a connector that selects and separates the light from the wavelength, and then passes through a sample. of that sample is captured and compared with the intensity of the light that fell on that sample. With this information, the transmittance can be calculated, which will depend on the concentration of the substance.

Basically its operation is to illuminate a sample with white light, and then calculate how much is the amount of light that is reflected through a series of wavelength intervals.

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