Spectrophotometers: care and maintenance

A spectrophotometer is an instrument used in laboratories to measure the absorbance of a sample, as a function of the wavelength of an electromagnetic radiation, and thus to know the concentration of the substances in a solution. This team consists of 4 main parts: a source, a monochromator, a beam splitter, a sample area, and a detector. It also has optical elements such as lenses or mirrors, which transmit light throughout the entire equipment.

What should you consider for the care and proper functioning of your spectrophotometer?

For a spectrophotometer to function properly requires an electrical supply according to the necessary standards and standards, a dust-free environment and a stable working table away from equipment that generates vibrations such as centrifuges or agitators. But to a large extent its conservation depends largely on the way of installation and use. The environment around them and the quality of electricity services are factors of paramount importance, so that the equipment can provide the services according to the specifications for which they were designed.

Maintenance routines range from careful cleaning of components to specialized procedures, which should only be performed by technicians or engineers who have received the appropriate training and have the technical information developed by the equipment manufacturer and which conform to the different models and designs available.

What should the maintenance of a spectrophotometer look like?

Note that preventive maintenance of a spectrophotometer must respond to the routines and frequencies recommended by the manufacturer. Here at Kalstein we present a group of basic routines that can be performed in the laboratory:

  • Externally clean the spectrophotometer, including controls, screens or measuring meters. This can be done with a piece of fine fabric – similar to the texture of handkerchiefs – moistened with distilled water.
  • Inspect and clean the power cord.
  • Verify that the lamp is clean and in good condition. If it does not work, install a new one, with the same specifications as the original one. In modern spectrophotometers, lamp status is automatically detected by software that controls the status and operation of the instrument, making it easy to determine when the lamp needs to be changed. Replace the bulb and adjust the bulb afterwards following the procedure recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Check the protection fuse. Before opening the fuse housing, check that the spectrophotometer is off and that its contacts are clean and in good condition.
  • Place the computer in the operational configuration.
  • Operate the ignition switch to allow operation for five (5) minutes.
  • Perform a leakage current test in the ON and OFF positions.
  • Calibrate the front panel of the spectrophotometer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Measure the sensitivity of the equipment.
  • Conduct a test following Beer’s law.
  • Return the spectrophotometer to the initial setting, if calibration has been successfully performed.

What do we offer you in Kalstein?

Kalstein is a company MANUFACTURER of laboratory equipment of the highest quality so we make available excellent spectrophotometers at the best prices on the market. In this opportunity we present you UV Spectrophotometer / Vis double beam YR01858, this equipment has the following characteristics:

  • The powerful data analysis system with an internal computer host could perform multiple functions independently.
  • How to set calibration curve, photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, spectral scanning, dynamics, DNA/protein test, multiple wavelength analysis and data printing.
  • The optical system adopts a suspension design. All optical parts are independently fixed to the 8 mm thick non-deformed aluminum base to avoid the impact of bottom plate deformation and external vibration on the optical system. This premium design greatly improved the stability and reliability of the instrument.
  • Convenient data storage and printing function. The UV-6000T can be connected directly to the printer for printing data and graphics in A4 format.
  • The automatic ignition self-test and system positioning function could inspect and calibrate the deviation before each use.
  • All test data and analysis report can be exported directly to a USB disk.

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