Laboratory shakers, also known as mixers, are laboratory products used in the chemical and biological sectors to mix liquids and prepare solutions and suspensions. These equipment creates a movement between liquids or between liquids and solids in order to achieve mixing, suspension, dispersion, homogenization, heat transfer processes, among others.

Among the variety of laboratory stirrers we have hot plates, they are very used heating plates in areas of biology and chemistry, most of these types of stirrers are small models of table, portable and autonomous, some have one or more heating elements, they are quiet and efficient, they also allow the option to be used inside closed hermetic systems without the need to include rotating seals, they do not have movable external parts that can be easily broken or worn, they have as advantages that are easy to clean and do not require the use of lubricants that can contaminate the sample.

Types of stirrers a Laboratory may need

Orbital Shaker YR05766 // YR05768

The rotary mixer is used for tissue culture, extraction, and determination...


  Rotation Shaker YR05764

Rotation Shaker YR05764 is a combination of variable speed rotator, advanced multiple tube vortex in one...


    Roller Mixer YR05762

YR05762 digital roller mixer provides a gentle but highly efficient rocking and rolling motions, ideal for mixing...


Orbital Shaker YR05765      

Overcurrent protection function, automatically eut off power without affecting other equipment...


Our Best Selling Laboratory Agitators

Model YR05794 YR05795 YR05796 YR05797 YR05798 YR05799 YR05800 YR05801
shaking mode orbital/



liner /



Rocking waving /


three dimensional

control Microcomouter PID control
displav LED diqital display
amplitude ร˜30   30mm   25mm   3-15ยฐ/manual  
frequency (rpm/min) 15-240 15-90
sensitivity (rpm) +2
timmer 0-99hours



trav size(mm) 250x
























tray number 1
overall size/mm) 270x295x
























Power 30W
power supply AC 90-260V, 50-60HZ
ambient temperature -10 ยฐC-65 ยฐC


Analysis of the best stirrers for your Laboratory

   Types of laboratory shakers 

Laboratory shakers, also known as mixers, are laboratory products used in the chemical and biological sectors to mix...


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Agitators are laboratory equipment used to mix or shake substances in tubes or flasks...


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A magnetic stirrer, is a piece of equipment that is used in  chemistry , capable of mixing...


  What is a laboratory shaker?

Laboratory shakers, which are used to mix liquids and prepare solutions and suspensions. These equipment creates a movement...


Catalog of Laboratory stirrers models on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Laboratory Agitators

Laboratory Agitators are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Different types and applications

Laboratory agitators are electromechanical devices commonly used in laboratories to homogeneously mix solutions ...

What is a Magnetic Stirrer? 

A magnetic stirrer is an electronic instrument that uses a magnetic field to mix one or more solutes with a solvent...

Orbital Shakers, functions and parts

Orbital shakers are laboratory equipment used to combine, divide or prepare substances. These equipment creates ...

Agitator with heating plate: Why is it fundamental in a biology lab?

Hot plate stirrers are electronic desktop computers that adapt to multiple processes that require temperature and shaking. That is, they are instruments that provide options for simultaneous heating and stirring. This equipment is often used in biology laboratories...

Video of Laboratory Agitators in Operation

In this section you can find, our laboratory stirrers in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc..

Laboratory shakers in operation

This equipment consists of a time control which can be adjusted as needed, likewise some have a speed control which can be adjusted as required. At the top is a platform where the sample holders are placed, which has a non-slip material.

Considerations when using a laboratory shaker:

In general these equipment are very resistant and have a long service life, always take into account the following considerations:

  • Avoid spilling substances on your surface.
  • Turn the computer on and off correctly.
  • Ensure that the surface on which it is used, is flat.
  • Cover with a protective plastic to prevent dust build-up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laboratory Agitators

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