The refractometer is a very important new tool for the industry in controlling costs and product quality. And in order to know how to read the contents with the use of this equipment, it is achieved when a ray of light passes from a matter to a less thick one from an optical point of view, it changes direction. With a higher point of incidence, the critical value is achieved in which light does not pass from the densest point, therefore when these angles are exceeded, a total reflection is produced, and is automated. All of this is going to depend not only on length, but also on temperature. Therefore, there is a correlation between the refractive index and the Brix, becoming percentage when measuring the sucrose contents.

Types of Refractometer a Lab May Need

ATC Car Refractometers YR05916 // YR05930

ATC models are equipped with °C unit system. With the indication of the percentage we may know the freezing point of either...


Brix Digital Refractometer YR05944 // YR05952

Digital Brix Refractometer is designed to measure the concentration of soluble solids (almost 100% sugar) in aqueous...


Brix Refractometers YR05872 // YR05884

Brix Refractometer is frequently used by grape growers, vegetables growers, home brewers as well as food producers for Brix testing of...


Digital Clinical Refractometer YR05966 // YR05968

This clinical digital refractometer is mainly use for animals/pets and humans’ serum protein & urine specific gravity. It’s good...


Our best-selling Refractometer

The Kalstein ATC Refractometer is a handheld, portable, milk refractometer with a milk scale that measures in the 0.0 to 20% range, is powered by ambient light, has ATC, an optical glass prism, and a durable metal body with rubber grip. A milk refractometer measures the refractive index of a solution in a sample, converts it to milk concentration in units of percent by weight (% milk, also known as degrees’ milk), and displays the results. Simply use provided pipette to apply couple of milk drops on the lens, the concentration is instant showing on the eye lens. Easiest Milk concentration tester on the market. 

Analysis of the best Refractometers for your Laboratory

Use of the Refractometer for Brewing Beer

The refractometer is a tool designed for measuring refractive indices in substances. It is used in the brewing...


How do I read the Refractometer?

The refractometer is an optical laboratory instrument designed to measure sugar, alcohol or salt content in Brix...


How is Food Analyzed with the Refractometer?

The refractometer is an instrument that is used in laboratories to obtain sugar levels, sodium chloride, degrees...


Refractometer: What do they measure?

The refractometer is an optical device that serves to measure the percentage of soluble solids in a liquid solution...


Guides for you to become an expert in Refractometer

Refractometers are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert 

What are the advantages of using the Refractometer?

The refractometer is a laboratory instrument used to measure the total solids in a solution and determine their state...

Characteristics of  Refractometers - Laboratory

Refraction can be defined as the change of radiation direction when passing from one material to another, this...

Refractometers: How many types are there? - Laboratory

A refractometer is an optical instrument that measures the refractive index of a substance. In obtaining this index...

Portable Refractometers and their clinical applications

It is a portable device of firm use, which is used easily to monitor in a simple way the Brix degrees, that is, the sugar content in solutions, facilitates measurements in the field, these portable refractometers can be manual and desktop type...

Frequently asked questions about Refractometer

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