Microplate Reader

An ELISA reader is a specialized spectrophotometer, which is used to read the results of this technique which is used to determine the presence of specific antibodies or antigens present in a sample. These laboratory equipment allows to analyze 96 or more wells with samples, so its use is very favorable to the laboratories, reducing reagents and samples used which leads to a better performance.

The ELISA is a technique based on the detection of an antigen immobilized on a solid phase, by antibodies that, directly or indirectly, produce a reaction whose product can be read by the spectrophotometer. This technique is used for the detection of diseases such as HIV, dengue, yellow fever, Chagas disease, among others in the field of immunology and serology, as well as the detection of hormones and tumor markers.

Types of Microplate Reader a Laboratory May Need

Microplate Elisa Reader YR05127

Windows operation interface, figure button, mouse operation, touch screen.96-well plate, multiple tests on one plate.The test item arrangement on the microplate can be stored and...


Microplate Elisa Reader YR05128

8-channel optical system, quantitative and qualitative test.External jet printer, multi-form patient report.High light LED source long life >100,000 hours...


Our Best Selling Microplate Reader





Reading range

0.000-4.000 Abs

Well Coincidence



R > 0.999


< 0.3%



Reading speed

5s single wavelength,10s double wavelength


RS232, USB

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Guides to becoming an expert in Microplate Reader

Microplate Reader equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

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What are the differences and applications between the Microplate reader and Microplate cleaners?

A microplate reader or photometer, is a laboratory team that discovers biological, chemical or physical anomalies of a sample, such as the presence of antibodies or specific antigens, such as yellow fever, HIV, dengue, among others, in the field of immunology and serology....

Frequently Asked Questions about Microplate Readers

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