Infant Radiant Warmer

A baby warmer is medical equipment designed to provide a temperature-controlled environment to help newborns maintain their body temperature, especially babies who have been born prematurely or with a medical condition. They have a heating element to provide a temperature not greater than 39 ยฐC radiant type, regulator to stabilize the temperature of the newborn and maintain the temperature or heating power selected, as well as allows monitoring of control parameters.

This equipment provides a warm and appropriate environment to newborns that helps them maintain their body temperature, since as soon as babies are born, they lose a lot of body heat in the first hours, which can compromise their health status and even endanger their life. Childhood radiant heaters are also used for critically ill patients who require constant nursing intervention

Types of Infant Radiant Warmer that a Medical Sector may need

Infant Radiant Warmer YR02189

Our ability to provide the best care for baby patients, and reduce the pressure in emergency conditions or in NICU...


Infant Radiant Warmer YR02190

Our YR02190 unit offers the best care with the optimal thermoregulation for newborn patients when they...


Infant Radiant Warmer YR02191

The YR02191 unit is our middle design of infant radiant warmer with a unique thermal environment for premature...


Infant Radiant Warmer YR02192

As a versatile open care system offering solutions you can depend on, the YR02192 baby warmer makes...


Our Best Selling Infant Radiant Warmer

  • Our ability to provide the best care to baby patients and reduce pressure in emergency or NICU conditions.
  •  Preheating, manual control and baby skin temperature mode.
  • Microprocessor-based servo-controlled temperature system with far infrared heater
  • Temperature deviation can be observed and corrected on the front panel for error measurement.
  • Self-test function for affirmative security.
  • The tilt of the bassinet can be adjusted.

Analysis of the best Infant Radiant Warmer for your Medical Sector

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The neonatal heater is a necessary equipment within the intensive care units, which allows saving the life of newborns, keeping them in optimal body temperatures of their...


How do you use an infant warmer?

An infant warmer is medical equipment designed to provide a temperature-controlled environment to help newborns ...


 Results when using a child radiant heater?

A child radiant heater is a medical device used to provide newborns with a comfortable thermal area that...


Is a child radiant heater important?

A child radiant heater is a unit used to provide radiant heat to newborns in a comfortable thermal area that ...


Infant Radiant Warmer models on sale


Guides to becoming an expert in Infant Radiant Warmer

Children's Radiant Heater equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Childrenโ€™s radiant Heater: When should it be used?

A radiant infant heater is a medical equipment used in the field of neonatology and pediatrics, specifically in neonatal...

Infant Radiant Heater:When is it necessary?

An infant radiant warmer is medical equipment used in neonatal intensive care units, aimed at providing the newborn...

When should a child Radiant Heater be used?

The usefulness of this equipment highlights in its 4 main functions of rescue and integral management ...

Infant Heater and Infant Incubator: What are their differences?

An infant warmer is specialized equipment used to provide newborns with a comfortable warming area that maintains their body temperature at 36 to 37 degrees, thus providing a warm and cozy environment that helps them maintain their body temperature...

Frequently Asked Questions about Infant Radiant Warmer

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