Is a child radiant heater important?

A child radiant heater is a unit used to provide radiant heat to newborns in a comfortable thermal area that maintains their body temperature from 36 to 37 degrees. Newborns who are placed in radiant heaters are usually premature or low birth weight patients who have thermo-regulation problems and are therefore unable to maintain thermal balance, and newborns who may present some critical condition that require constant intervention by medical personnel.

These devices work through a servo mechanism or servo control, i.e. self-regulating depending on thermal changes.  Radiant heaters provide heat to newborns by thermal radiation; that is, its heat source is separated from the heat receptor and it (heat) is transmitted through the air in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Importance of a child radiant heater

The importance of a child radiant heater is that this medical device provides a warm and optimal environment for newborns, which helps them maintain their body temperature, since as soon as babies are born, they lose a lot of body heat in the first hours, which can compromise their health status. Childhood radiant heaters have improved the survival of many critically ill newborns, since their use the mortality and morbidity rates of newborns worldwide were considerably reduced, due to the importance of these thermoregulation devices in neonatology services.

These medical teams are open thermoregulation equipment that, in addition to providing basic care for newborns, allow resuscitation maneuvers and care for critically ill patients. They also allow a better visualization and manipulation of the newborn at the time of admission.

Structure of a child radiant heater

Children’s radiant heaters are heating units, which feature a heat source, a skin temperature sensor, a servo control unit and visual and sound alarms. They are usually built in three blocks:

  • Heat source: Which can be a quartz tube, ceramic, or infrared light, accompanied by diffusers and incandescent lamps.
  • Control unit: involves alarms, manual heater control and servo controlled control.
  • Support platform: Where the mattress is located, the chassis holder of Rx plates, among other accessories.

When is a child radiant heater used?

A radiant infant heater is used for the care of various procedures in delivery rooms, clinical study rooms, intensive care rooms and neonatal care units in hospitals to simultaneously provide external heat and open access to newborns, thus allowing manual and servo control control, the thermal environment of the critically ill patient in an open environment, providing radiant heat.

Naturally, the mother’s uterus functions as an incubator, so when a baby is born, it needs to be heated. Keeping a baby’s body temperature at normal levels is key to maintaining their health. If this does not occur, they may experience hypothermia, which negatively affects all their body and organ functions. Immediately after birth, babies routinely sit in warm, radiant light, this helps stabilize their temperature until they can achieve self-regulation. Monitoring and resuscitation can be easily performed from the open access of a child radiant heater, along with the necessary procedures.

What do we offer you in Kalstein?

Kalstein is a company MANUFACTURER of medical equipment of the highest quality and the best technology at the best prices in the market, so you can make your purchase confidently with us, knowing that you have the service and advice of a firm and committed to innovation. In this opportunity we present our Children’s Radiant Heater YR02190, which offers the best care with optimal thermoregulation for newborn patients when they are in emergency or in jaundice therapy in open care system. Among its main features we can mention: HERE

  • Preheating, manual control and baby skin temperature mode.
  • Servo-controlled microprocessor-based temperature system with far infrared heater
  • Temperature deviation can be observed and corrected on the front panel for error measurement.
  • Self-check function for affirmative safety.
  • The tilt of the moses can be adjusted.
  • The heater head can be adjusted horizontally.
  • Folding transparent protector.
  • Fall protection function of the skin temperature sensor to prevent overheating.
  • Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple faults with 3 priorities.
  • Note that the angle of light can be adjusted.
  • 40% constant power heating function.
  • OFF timer.
  • RS-232 connector.

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