Pathological Anatomy

The pathology laboratory is a specialized medical service that is responsible for receiving histological samples to be processed and analyzed by highly qualified professionals to issue an accurate diagnosis, in addition to providing a series of variables that are prognostic and predictive factors for the treatment of different diseases.

Its main objective is to be able to meet the requirements regarding the histopathological analysis of the various tissues and the expression in them of the various diseases that affect the human body. Analyzing samples of isolated tissues or cells (biopsies and cytologies), and generating reports of great clinical importance, which help other medical professionals to prescribe treatments, whether medical or surgical. Its activity is distributed in several functional, well-defined but often interconnected areas

Types of Pathology a Laboratory May Need

Tissue water bath

In a histology lab. The sectioning process is one of the most important, because this procedure has to be very precise and the blocks you are cutting should not be cracked in any way. When you start the cutting process, the first thing you do is cool the paraffin blocks to make the correct cut. Then you put those blocks in the water bath and put it at the desired temperature, being a fundamental step in the whole procedure.

Tissue Flotation

High quality fabric flotation station with keyboard control, automatic microcomputer memory, LED lighting and digital tube display.

  • Pure green digital display for real-time monitoring of heating temperature, direct and clear, easy to operate; All parameters, including predefined temperatures, working temperatures and writing status are displayed in real time.

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      Paraffin dispenser โ€“ YR459 

Any histology laboratory should have paraffin wax to carry out the sectioning process so that the laboratory operator can view the samples through a microscope..


 Automated microtome YR415-1

This machine uses a streamlined design, with advanced features, stable and reliable performance and  and ease of use. The feeding system uses an intelligent control ;...


             Cryostat Microtome              YR426-1

The upper part of the machine is a microcomputer control part and panel operation, temperature display...


      Tissue Inclusion Center                     YR445          

The space-saving YR445 is a complete paraffin dispensing unit including a 4 liters paraffin container...


Our best-selling Pathology team

Design of electronic modules. Stoador meets the requirements of conventional staining or special staining. For different laboratories, and staining can be achieved simultaneously or individually for good effectiveness.

  • Electronic module designs. Stoador meets the requirements of conventional staining or special staining. For different laboratories, and staining can be achieved simultaneously or individually for good effectiveness.
  • The color touch screen makes the date and search convenient, different staining programs, and progress is displayed in the interface.
  • The staining program started with a color code and is constantly displayed in the interface.

Analysis of the best Pathology for your Laboratory

What is forensic pathology?

Forensic pathology is a specialty that applies the methods, techniques and knowledge of pathological anatomy and cytopathology in the resolution of judicial or legal...


What is a slide dryer used for in histology?   .

This is special equipment for slide drying is mainly used for microscope slide which is heated for clinical areas...


Processor of tejidos and inclusor of tejidos

The tissue processor is a piece of equipment used in pathological anatomy and in histology laboratories...


Equipment needed for a pathology laboratory 

A laboratory of pathological anatomy, is a specialized laboratory, where biopsy and cytology samples...


Catalog of Pathology models on offer


Guides to Becoming an Expert in Pathological Anatomy

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of pathological anatomy equipment of the highest quality and that have the best technology on the market, we leave you some blogs to know more about our product.

 Microtomes and cryostatss

Pathological anatomy is a science that studies the pathophysiological and morphological alterations of a disease...

What is a tissue water bath in histology?

In a laboratory of histology different procedures, treatments, preparation of tissues and solutions are performed...

Importance of a Microtome?

The importance of this instrument lies in its use and usefulness, since it works to make very fine cuts, which are required ...

What is a tissue processor in Pathology?

Pathological anatomy is the science that is responsible for the study of pathophysiological and morphological alterations of the disease. Like all science, it has a series of specialized equipment to carry out the different studies on which it is based...

Video of a Pathology Team in Operation

Its basic function is to be able to meet the requirements of medical professionals in terms of histopathological analysis of the various tissues and the expression in them of the various diseases that affect humans. The procedures carried out within a pathology laboratory are grouped into two distinct phases: technical processing and diagnostic processing.

Pathology at work

Currently, pathology laboratories use instruments and equipment that are used to obtain help in the diagnosis of many diseases, including cancer. Among the most used equipment in this science, we have: microtomes, microscopes, tissue processor, tissue water baths, cryostats, cooling plates, paraffin cutter and dispenser, slide dryers, tissue inclusion systems, automatic staining systems for slides, among others.

Thus, the pathologist or pathologist identifies the causes and consequences of diseases that affect specific parts of the body, through microscopic analysis of samples of tissues or cells, previously prepared with special dyes that help identify structural alterations, in cells and tissues, as well as protein or genetic abnormalities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pathology

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