An autoclave is essentially a pressure vessel that uses steam pressure as a sterilizing agent. By increasing the pressure (above atmospheric pressure) the steam can reach higher temperatures. The additional pressure increases the boiling temperature of the water. Actually, about 20 ยฐ C more. This effectively increases its heat content and its ability to kill. This comes from its latent heat of evaporation.

The latest generation of autoclaves, known as "pre-vacuum generation", adds chamber preheating, steam injection, 3 pre-vacuum phases and closed-door vacuum drying: a technological "revolution" that changes parameters in the safety of professionals and patients, which is why they are known as drying autoclaves.

Types of Autoclaves a Laboratory may need

Horizontal Autoclave

Steam sterilization is the preferred method of sterilization and works by denaturing proteins. Steam autoclaves are equipment designed to use high pressure and temperature steam to kill microorganisms. Sterilization involves the complete destruction of all microorganisms, including resistant bacteria, bacterial spores, protozoa, prions, viruses and fungi present in liquids, surfaces of materials, drugs or culture media.

The good thing about steam is that it has the ability to penetrate objects that have a cooler temperature. When the steam hits a cooler surface, it condenses in the water on that object. This effectively reduces the amount of vapor present. This negative pressure in the steam draws more steam to the cooler area. Condensation occurs whenever the temperature of the condensing surface is lower than that of the steam. This allows rapid heating of surfaces, penetration into dense materials, denaturation of proteins, and sterilization of microorganisms.

Vertical Autoclave

  • Microprocessor control, digital display of working status: pressure, time, temperature, error code, touch type key.
  • Auto discharge the cool air, and steam discharging automatically after sterilization.
  • Self-inflating type seal.
  • Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.
  • Standard PT/TT test interface is provided for convenient testing.
  • With two stainless steel sterilization.
  • Equipped with automatic water sensor and water level indicator.
  • Equipped with lid protection cover.

In Kalstein you can find the ideal Autoclaves for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which autoclave to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Automatic Lifting Door Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave YR05793

The whole procedure from water inlet, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, water outlet...


Digital Display Pressure Steam Vertical Autoclave YR05676 // YR05681

Microprocessor control, digital display of working status: pressure, time, temperature...


Fully Automatic Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer YR05754 // YR05758

Inner with pressure sensor to check chamber pressure automatically, ensure that the chamber pressure...


Class N Benchtop Autoclave  YR03395 // YR03400

It is a โ€œClass Nโ€ semi-automatic autoclave that works without a steam generator. It has a pressure safety...


Our best-selling Autoclave

  •  It is integrated by PLC + HMI + Printer. This system is easy to implement the program selection, parameter setting, equipment operation, report processing, printing, storing and others functions. The F0 value and the temperature time gives double guarantee for sterilization. Equipped with Ethernet and USB port.
  • Equipped with independent temperature monitoring system.
  • The master controller system equipped with three levels of authority.
  • When automatic controller in the failure of the circumstances, the security device makes the sterilization indoor pressure safety in the pressure of the atmosphere to the back of the state, and allow the loading door can be opened.
  • In order to maintenance, test and emergency needs, manual operation can be through the use of access control tools to complete.

Analysis of the best Autoclaves for your Laboratory

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Analysis of the best Autoclaves for your Laboratory


Guides to becoming an autoclave expert

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Autoclaves Videos

In this section you can find, our autoclaves in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Autoclave in Operation

Actually, the drying function is a feature that some horizontal Autoclave models have, they are designed with advanced technology, which allows drying the samples or surgical instruments, after sterilizing in a fast time, providing more security and functionality with its cooling and pre-programmed functions; vacuum drying at the end of the sterilization cycle ensures better drying of hollow instruments, as well as reducing the boiling temperature, causing moisture to evaporate faster and better drying to occur.

This type of autoclaves are used to absolutely eliminate all microorganisms, resistant bacteria, bacterial spores, protozoa, prions, viruses and fungi present in liquids, surfaces of materials, medicines or cultured media, in addition to being used for the sterilization and drying of hollow instruments.

Frequently asked questions about autoclaves

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