We will epistemologically define the word microscope; Micro which means small and scopio which means to observe; this is a reference of the usefulness of this device, which is a device that allows us to observe elements that are invisible to the naked eye, through a lens, viewfinders and rays of light; This instrument includes a set of elements that allows us to enlarge or bring the sample closer to scales where we minimally observe components to perform an analysis and examine the sample.

Themicroscope  is a powerful magnifying glass, the whole world is composed of living microorganisms that are so tiny that we can not see them only with our eyes, and in the scientific, biological fields, among others; the use of this apparatus is required, thanks to it, it is possible to analyze the cells of the body or even a drop of blood,  science and the medina studies such small samples only through this instrument. 

Types of Microscopes a Laboratory May Need

Binocular Biological Laboratory Microscope YR05789 

Head Upgrade to large size with eyepiece tube dia.30.30mm,Eyepiece upgrade to dia.30mm Diopter adjustable...


Binocular Laboratory Microscope YR0254

Its classification is related to its uses and the type of laboratory. In this case, we present you the model Zoom...


Binocular Student Biological Microscope YR0242

Anti-mould System Head Available,195mm Achromatic Objectives, Mechanical Tube Length 160mm...


Biological + USB Portable Dual Lens Digital Microscope

Teaching Head, WF10x, WF16x, Quarduple, Ach. 4x10x40x100x, Mechanical Stage 115x125mm, Coaxial Focusing...


Our Best Selling Microscopes

  • Inclined 30ยฐ,Rotatable 360ยฐ, Interpupillary Distance 48-75mm, High Eyepoint Eyepiece,
  • Which Is Convenient For People With Different Sitting Height; The Integrated Design Of The Eyepiece Lens Barrel,
  • Avoids The Loss And Contamination Of The Eyepiece And Enhances The Integrated Performance Of The Microscope
  • 4 Sets Objective Available: Achromatic, Plan, Infinity E-Plan, Infinity Plan.
  • Mechanical Stage Size: 145 mmร—140mm, Travel: 76mmX52mm, Scale: 0.1mm
  • Abbe Condenser N.A.1.25, Iris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Up/Down, With Filter Holder

    3W-LED Illumination Systems

Analysis of the best Microscopes for your Laboratory

What is a Confocal Microscope?

Within the laboratory, the use of microscopes is necessary for conducting biological research. Basically...


What is a Tunnel Effect Microscope?

A tunnel microscope (STM) is a device for capturing images of atomic surfaces. The tunneling microscope...


Microscopes and Technical Service

We will epistemologically define the word microscope; Micro which means small and scopio which means...


Microscopes โ€“ types of condensers

The microscope is an instrument that increases the size of an image and allows you to see more details than would ...


Catalog of Microscopes models on offer


Guides to Becoming a Microscope Expert

Microscopic equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Use of Microscope for Tissue Analysis Caused by Hantavirus (SPHV)

Hantavirus is a zoonotic viral disease caused by the hanta virus, the carriers of this infectious agent are rodents, especially...

Laboratory microscopes: types, uses, and   applications      

Currently there are a wide variety of microscopes for different applications in the laboratory. Its main differences...

Optical microscope and stereoscopic microscope: what are the differences

The optical microscope is one of the greatest scientific inventions of humanity, its appearance marked a before ...

How is HIV detected through the use of a microscope?

HIV, which stands for human immunodeficiency virus, is a virus that attacks and damages the immune system by causing the destruction of T cells, also called CD4 cells, needed for the body to fight infections. This virus consists of three phases of progression...

Working Microscope Videos

In this section you can find, our Microscopes in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Working Microscope

The microscope is an instrument that increases the size of an image and allows you to see more details than would be possible to perceive with the naked eye. The condenser of a microscope is a key part of a microscope, it focuses the light that passes through the stage of the microscope where the sample is placed, thus providing illumination, contrast and clarity in a uniform way to the sample.

The condenser is made up of a lens or set of lenses mounted directly below the stage. And the intensity of the light can be adjusted by moving the condenser of the microscope closer or further from the stage, and the width of the beam can be adjusted by making the aperture wider or smaller.

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