How many types of Microplate Washer are there?

The microplate washer is a device that is usually used in laboratories, to remove any substance that has been adhered to the equipment.

The device, is used for biochemical study tests, and is suitable for washing wells with different bottom shapes, type U or V, and the unit, ensures the maturation of solutions, by combining suction – dispensing liquid and soaking, for a certain period of time.

In this sense, there are different types of microplate washes, and this will depend on the number of wells existing.

Therefore, it is the ideal washing tool for small-scale immunoassays, the perfect alternative to the dependence of automatic washing machines for washing microplates and strips.

Microplate Washing Machine

The washing machine is able to sanitize the plates providing benefits for the classification of parameters, depending on the particular requirements of each wash, and also for the permanent collection of these, stored in the internal memory that owns the equipment, in the form of events that can be selected, to facilitate the handling of the device.

Generally, devices have universal and structured handling mechanisms as follows:

  • Conveyor or support, where the plate to which the washing will be performed is located.
  • Dispensing head, which is responsible for evenly distributing the liquid in the wells of the reaction plate.
  • Suction head, in which it is inserted into wells to remove the waste.
  • A container, containing the washing solution, in which the waste is collected.
  • Silicone hoses, for the interconnection of the different elements of the hydropneumatic system.
  • Control panel, where the keyboard is located, and the light indicators that provide the exchange of information with the operator.

Thus, washing a microplate requires between 1 and 3 liters of solution. And in each well 300 ยตl of flushing solution is used per cycle. Through irrigation, aspiration and prevention, the liquid will be able to remove the adherent substances. Such washing has exercise methods, which agree to intervene the washing periods, allowing movement uniformly, in order to dispense the washing solution.

Types and Operation of Microplate Washer

Basically, the types of microplate washer, are differentiated by the number of wells, among them is; the 96 wells (wells) for samples, and have a storage capacity of 1.6 ml / well, in a height of only 32 mm; this allows stacking more plates in less space. As well as the 48-well, with volumes from 4.8 to 7.5ml, with a height of 44.04mm; likewise, there is the 384-well, with a volume of 0.058ml, square shape, spherical bottom, height of 14.35mm, adjusted to a volume of 22.72ml per plate.

However, according to the principles of operation of a microplate washer, it is executed by means of the pump, which pressurizes the container containing the washing solution. In addition, the supplied pressure is released through the exhaust port, where the control block will vary the pressure at the top of the bottle, until the total fluid pressure at the valve inlet taken by the sensor is set to a range less than 2% of the desired final value. This value depends on the volume of work that has been scheduled.

In this way, the control block will order to open the valve, the time necessary for the programmed volume to be dispensed, beginning to flow the liquid through the hoses, from the bottle to the dispensing head that is responsible for evenly distributing the liquid in the wells.

Finally, for the suction of the waste from the inside of the wells of the reaction plate, and by means of the negative pressure pump, a vacuum is generated in the bottle that will collect the wash residue. The vacuum, which is propagated through the hoses, to the suction head, will allow the liquid present in the wells, flow to the bottle and the control block, activate the pump and wait a minimum time required for the system to be ready.

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