What are the differences and applications between the microplate reader and microplate cleaners?

A microplate reader or photometer, is a laboratory team that discovers biological, chemical or physical anomalies of a sample, such as the presence of antibodies or specific antigens, such as yellow fever, HIV, dengue, among others, in the field of immunology and serology. All this is achieved by means of an analysis test that is applied in the laboratories, named Elisa Reader.

On the other hand, to reach the proper readings, it is necessary to apply microplate cleaners, using buffers, which remove those components that have not joined in the reactions to avoid incorrect results.

Therefore, there are differences between microplate processes and washing, since the microplate reader provides the plates for the study sample process, and the washing machine keeps the plates ready for such studies.ย 

Functions of the Microplate Reader

The microplate reader works by elements that make it up, such as:ย 

  • Ultraviolet light for analysis, which passes through the sample deposited in specialized plates.
  • Sensor system, located on or directly below the sample plates
  • The controls are those that are regulated by microprocessors, and quality control programs, which allows the whole process to be programmed and automated, to amplify the light from the sample and establish its absorbance.ย 

Later, this is converted into data that allows the analysis of the results.ย 

Laboratory performance is measured by the study mechanisms offered by the microplate equipment, being able to have 96 or more sample wells, thus reducing the study of the reagents used.ย 

It should be noted that an application is used for the reading of these samples, named Elisa Reader, and is in charge of the reading of the results to determine the presence of specific antibodies present in a sample. It is based on the detection of an immobilized antigen, on a solid phase, by antibodies that, directly or indirectly, produce a reaction whose product can be read by the spectrophotometer.

To develop the ELISA technique, at least the following equipment is required:

  • An ELISA analyser.
  • An ELISA washing machine.
  • A liquid dispensing system. (Multi-channel pipettes may be used.)
  • A specialized incubator for plates.

For the effectiveness of the application and together with the elements that integrate it, will be the result and safety within the laboratory.

Importance of Microplate Cleanersย 

The microplate washer is designed to maintain the plates used during the application of the ELISA Reader, through injection and suction, to vacuum and supply automatically, a liquid that allows to remove the substances, which have been adhered, after performing such test.

The washing machine has two tanks; in one of them it is placed in washing buffer, while in the other, the substances that are discarded are collected.ย 

The appliance has at least the following subsystems:

  • Control subsystem: is in charge of controlling the cycles of washing according to the activity that is carried out.
  • Supply subsystem: It consists of a reservoir for the syringe-type washing solution and a dispenser to perform the process simultaneously in all the wells of the plate.
  • Extraction subsystem: It requires a vacuum mechanism and a storage system to collect the fluids and waste removed from the plate wells.
  • Advance subsystem: it is developed by means of supply and extraction mechanisms, which moves the head horizontally, in order to reach the ELISA plate to each of the wells, in order to dispense and/or extract the washing solution.

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