Portable refractometers and their clinical applications

It is a portable device of firm use, which is used easily to monitor in a simple way the Brix degrees, that is, the sugar content in solutions, facilitates measurements in the field, these portable refractometers can be manual and desktop type, which makes it more practical in addition to being considered synonymous with accuracy and simplicity.

Portable refractometers are simple, resistant and reliable, allowing us to make measurements in laboratories or outside it, with exact measurements of temperatures, refractive index, pH density and color with a small sample, setting aside reliable results, increasing safety and avoiding errors, in addition to reducing costs and improving the operational safety of the laboratory. 

General characteristics of portable refractometers

  • Refractometer cover. 
  • It has a lens called a prism where the sample is applied.
  • Reading through an eye lens.
  • It works without a battery.
  • Graduation screw
  • Rubber cover
  • Ocular graduation
  • Viewfinder or eyepiece.

Uses of the portable refractometer 

  • It measures the sugar content in low-sugar fruit juice, wine, beverage, food, or jam.
  • They are used in a wide range of analyses such as measuring the concentration of sugar in products such as honey, fruit juice and energy drinks.
  • The refractive index of a solution is proportional to its concentration, which makes it possible to determine the purity and concentration of its components.
  • It measures in refractive index of the liquid in tests.

How to use a portable refractometer 

  • Clean and dry the lid and prism before you begin.
  • Place 1-2 drops of the sample to be measured on the prism.
  • Close the lid gently so that the sample spreads homogeneously between the lid and the prism.
  • Use a dropper and place the substance to be measured on the prism to prevent air bubbles from forming.
  • Hold the refractometer under a light source to see the scale through the eyepiece.
  • The light/dark limit value displayed on the scale is read.
  • Rotate the eyepiece gently to adjust and refine the scale.
  • At the end of the measurement you must carefully clean and dry the lid and primal in each measurement to prevent debris from settling and contaminating future measurements. 
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct calibration of the instrument. 

Clinical applications of portable refractometers 

  • For measurements in clinical applications such as whey proteins (g/dl).
  • Specific severity of the urine(sg)and refractive index (ir).
  • Protein analysis and calciuria.
  • Concentration of total proteins (PT)in serum.
  • Plasma in human medicine.
  • To determine the protein concentrations of peritoneal, pericardial and pleural fluid.
  • Determine the concentration of solutes in urine.
  • Measurement of hydration in athletics and wrestling.
  • Clinical refractometers are easy to use and eliminate reading errors.
  • It measures fluids such as urine, serum, and blood.

Recommendations for maintenance and calibration of a refractometer 

  • Keep the lid and prism clean.
  • Avoid scratches on the prism
  • For cleaning only use a damp cloth, avoid aggressive cleaners.
  • Dry the appliance perfectly.
  • Avoid bumps or falls that can damage the optical system. 
  • Make sure the refractometer is completely clean and dry.
  • To calibrate it, distilled water is placed on  the prism.
  • Close the lid and turn the adjustment screw so that the light/dark boundary aligns with the zero line.
  • The distilled water is cleaned with a lens cloth or soft cloth. 

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