What are air conditioning chambers?

The air conditioning chambers are units that artificially offer controlled environments necessary to perform tests according to the specialty. They are responsible for environmental simulation, accelerated aging, quality control, materials and systems research, product stability study, wet conditioning, behavior analysis of animal and plant species, among others.

They also control temperature and humidity ranges to simulate environmental factors and maintain conditions for long periods. 

Functions of the Climate Chambers

The air conditioning chambers have functions for the creation of controlled environments, which must have a cold source, a heat source and a lighting panel, duly formed by cooling systems, mechanical compression or a ventilation system, through an electrical resistance heating system. In addition, to reach humidity levels, the areas have a humidification system, by submerged electrical resistors. Finally, there is a lighting mechanism and a control system. 

For the design, it should take into account considerations such as: dimensions of the containers to be tested, variables to control, the existence of insulation in the walls, and the type of control. Generally, the temperatures reached by these chambers during the tests range between 12 and 48°C, since the evaluation processes usually reach the highest temperature, and then let the environment cool to the lowest temperature, so that the moisture condenses in the containers. More specifically, more stringent tests can be designed by varying the temperature, humidity and extent of the test cycle.

Classification of Chambers

As mentioned above, the cameras have control mechanisms for temperature and relative humidity in a specific area, using a climate control system. The air conditioning systems have a series of devices that allow air to the required temperature and humidity. These are the most influential factors in air quality.

On the other hand, unforeseen changes in temperature disrupt the qualities of the elements of the material; in addition, slightly higher temperatures reduce the possibility of microorganisms avoiding infections.

The air-conditioning units can be classified into two main groups: 

  • Compact cameras: These are cameras with skills less than or equal to one cubic meter, have a good thermal insulator and allow to control different types of variables simultaneously in long ranges with great stability. 
  • Walk-in cameras: These are cameras that have sufficient spaces, where they allow people to enter, favoring testing, and also have capacities greater than six cubic meters. These cameras allow you to control the temperature and humidity in a limited range but maintaining a great stability.

The environment inside the air conditioning chambers, reaches the temperature and humidity established by a cooling system that allows to obtain the desired conditions.

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