How do I read the Refractometer?

The refractometer is an optical laboratory instrument designed to measure sugar, alcohol or salt content in Brix, depending on the type of sample. This type of measurement is usually applied in the food and beverage industries, among others., and constitutes the determination of sucrose in water, where 1gr Brix, is equal to 1gr sucrose / 100g solution.

However, the refractive index can be read directly from the scale that is incorporated in the equipment and also to achieve accurate results, the temperature must be taken into account and transformed by a temperature table. During practice, the measurement is calculated on various substances, such as soft drinks, fruit extract, tomato sauces, and even oils

Refractometer Reading

The refractometer is a very important new tool for the industry in controlling costs and product quality. And in order to know how to read the contents with the use of this equipment, it is achieved when a ray of light passes from a matter to a less thick one from an optical point of view, it changes direction. With a higher point of incidence, the critical value is achieved in which light does not pass from the densest point, therefore when these angles are exceeded, a total reflection is produced, and is automated. All of this is going to depend not only on length, but also on temperature. Therefore, there is a correlation between the refractive index and the Brix, becoming percentage when measuring the sucrose contents.

In the case of measuring orange juice, it corresponds to 11.2 and 11.8 Brix but if it is lower, acid levels must be taken into account because they affect the measurements and result in readings of lower Brix degrees. As a consequence, the values must be corrected to replace the capacities of the acids and constitute the true sugar content of the sample.

Accordingly, the following steps should be taken for the measurement and reading of substances

  • Firstly, it must be verified that the refractometer is calibrated with distilled water, and the reading must be zero, otherwise, it is advisable to clean and calibrate again.
  • Make sure the surface of the equipment is completely clean and dry.
  • A couple of drops should be put in to check the prism.
  • Then, observe through the device’s viewfinder while pointing the prism at the light without looking at the sun.
  • Orient the viewfinder and read where the base of the blue color corresponds to the scale. In this way the sample Brix reading is performed.

Structure and Calibration of the Refractometer

  • A flap lid for sunlight input
  • One adjusting bolt
  • The eyepiece
  • A main prism
  • And the rubber cover

Accordingly, for the handling of the device, it must be ensured that the lid and prism are clean and dry before performing the measurement. Then 2 drops using a pipette should be placed for the prism test and closed, causing it to be distributed completely. Avoid forming air bubbles to prevent any negative effects. The refractometer is then placed under sunlight and the scale through the eyepiece is observed, and the eyepiece can be read between the light and dark boundary. Finally, the prism and lid are carefully cleaned after each test.

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