Spectrophotometer double beam YR01862-1 -YR01862-2



Full wavelength scanning (190-1100nm) covers ultraviolet, visible and near infrared regions.

Fully sealed structure, all optical mirrors are equipped with SiO2 protective film to avoid stray light caused by dust and corrosive gas.

Imported core components greatly reduce the stray light and improve the stability and reliability.

Scientific design combined optics, machines, electricity and microcomputer technology, improve the stability and bring the instrument up to a high standard.

Suspension designed optical system, all optical parts are independently fixed on a 16mm thick aluminum deformation-free base, resistant to environmental interference (temperature, humidity and stress) and avoid the impact of bottom plate deformation and external vibration.

Longlife socket type of lamps, easy to replace and adjust, lower maintenance cost.

Unique optical design, automatically eliminating the error caused by light source and sample changes, make results more reliable.


Photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, kinetics, spectral scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, DNA/ Protein test, etc.

Automatic self-inspection: all system parameters will be inspected when device turns on. If any error occurs, the system will automatically beep to alarm, and the status indicator of the option is displayed as red which is easy to analyze the exact problem.

Various optional accessories, like automatic cell holder, thermostatic automatic sampler, adjustable micro cell holder, reflection accessory and integrating sphere, etc. which extend the application range of device and combine the requirements of common samples and special ones.

Automatic wavelength calibration when power on which promises a long-term stability of wavelength accuracy.

Spectrum bandwidth adjustable at 0.5/1.0/2.0/4.0/5.0nm (model number with S), especially suitable for samples with sharp absorption peaks, like penicillin sodium, penicillin potassium, etc.

Follow GLP/GMP standards, user management, logging, data tracking and exporting, etc.are all available.

Techinal Specifications
Model YR01862-1 YR01862-2
Optical System Double beam Double beam
Light Source Imported tungsten lamp & deuterium lamp Imported tungsten lamp & deuterium lamp
Wavelength Range 190-1100nm 190-1100nm
Bandwidth 1.0nm 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0,5.0 nm
Display 10-inch HD smart touch screen 10-inch HD smart touch screen
Control Mode Stand-alone system/PC software Stand-alone system/PC software
Data Output Bluetooth and USB port Bluetooth and USB port

Additional information

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YR01862-1, YR01862-2

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