Single Door Industrial Air Drying Oven YR05256 // YR05258

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, digital display; centrifugal wind wheel, heat flow evenly; large studio space, fast heating time; (can be equipped with explosion-proof locks, explosion doors). Used for dehydration and drying of the product, suitable for industrial, mining enterprises, workshop batch production, can be a long time uninterrupted operation. Widely used in electroplating industry, electronic industry, alloy jewelry drops of oil, food and plastic industry, leather industry, hardware industry, etc. Is not suitable for flammable and explosive materials processing.

Product introduction

For dewatering, drying, producing industries such as electroplating industry, electronic industry, alloy jewelry drip, food, plastics industry, leather industry, hardware and other applications, but not for the strong volatile. Flammable and explosive items in order to avoid explosion. (If the explosion-proof requirements, you must install safety facilities, such as explosion-proof lock and blast doors)

  • According to the box size single door or double door design. Large diameter centrifugal wind wheel. Uniform heat circulation.
  • The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel with metallic paint spray with nice overall color design. Suitable for all workshop production.
  • Digital display intelligent temperature comptroller with microcomputer intelligent PID control and timing function.
  • Large diameter centrifugal wind wheel. Uniform heat circulation.
  • Two models material inner chamber: mirror stainless steel and zinc-plating.
  • This series product with the feature of large storage and temperature rising is fast.
  • YR0525 series for the product baking such as metal, plastic, film screen printing, leather processing and industries etc.
Technical Specifications
Model YR05256 YR05258
Supply voltage 380
Temp. Rang(℃) RT+5~250
Timer Range 0~999h
Liters 300
Temp. Accuracy ±1
Chamber material Zinc Stainless Steel
Temp. Fluctuation(%) ±2
Power (KW) 4~6
Inner Size (mm) (H×W×D) 1000×600×500
External Size(mm) (H×W×D) 1750×1130×700
Net. Weight(KG) 152
Net. Weight(KG) 152

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05256, YR05258


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