Turbo-driven Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator YR06104


Product Description

Suitable for various animal surgical scenarios, widely used in pet hospitals, animal clinics, scientific research institutions, animal laboratories, animal husbandry schools, wildlife rescue stations, training institutions, agricultural identification stations, etc.

Turbo-driven design, no need of high-pressure air source, just an oxygen concentrator to make it work

  • Ventilation parameters are calculated automatically by setting animal’s weight only
  • Light and easy to move, save animal hospital space
  • With breathing mode VCV, PCV, SPONT, etc. to meet different clinical requirements
  • With SPONT mode, auto ventilation while animal have no spontaneous breathing
Technical Specifications
Model YR06104
Tidal volume (TV) 20-1500ml
Breathing rate (Freq) 1-150bpm
Spontaneous breathing rate (Freq_Spont) 0-150bpm
Ratio of inhalation and exhalation (I:E) 9.9:1-1:9 adjustable
Hold time 0-50%
Flow trigger sensitivity (F_Tring) 0.5-20L/min, OFF
Pressure Trigger Sensitivity (P_Tring) -1-20cmH2O, OFF
End-expiratory pressure 3-20cmH2O, OFF
SIMV frequency (Fre_SIMV) 2-60bpm
Inspiratory time (T_Insp) 0.1-12s
Pressure support (PS) 0-60cmH2O
Inspiratory pressure (T_Insp) 0-60cmH2O
Tidal volume of expiratory 0-2500ml
Tidal volume of inspiratory 0-2500ml
Minute Ventilation (MV) Display range: 0-99L/min
Use range: 0-25L/min
Spontaneous minute ventilation (MV_Spont) Display range: 0-99L/min
Use range: 0-25L/min
Peak pressure (Ppeak) 0-80cmH2O
Platform pressure (Pplat) 0-80cmH2O
Mean pressure (Pmean) 0-80cmH2O
Inhaled oxygen concentration (FiO2) 15-100%
End-expiratory pressure (PEEP) 0-20cmH2O
Driving gas pressure (Press_Drive) 0-900kpa
Paw-T waveform Pressure monitoring range: 0~120cmH2O;
X-axis: 0~10s
Flow-T waveform Y-axis:-1800~180L/min
X-axis: 0~10s
V_T waveform Z-axis:0~2000L/min

Additional Information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 38 × 33 × 50 cm

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