Vertical Laboratory Freeze Dryer YR05191 // YR05193


Product Description

Laboratory vacuum freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical and food. The lyophilized articles are easy to store for a long time, and can be restored to the state before lyophilization and maintain the original biochemical characteristics after adding water. The freeze dryer is suitable for laboratory use and meets the requirements of routine lyophilization in most laboratories.

  • Warning System when operating
  • 7 Inch Touch Screen
  • Stainless steel cold trap and operating table
  • A large opening cold trap with pre-freezing function
  • Cold Trap Electric Defrost
  • Flexible switching of vacuum units (Pa, mBar, etc.)
  • Vacuum pump protection function with set the vacuum pump to start the cold trap temperature.
Technical Specifications
Model YR05191 YR05192 YR05193
Freeze-dried area 0.08m² 0.12m² 0.08m²
Panel material (material thickness 10mm) 0.8L 1.2L 0.8L
Material Tray Ф180mm
3 layers
4 layers
3 layers
Material plate spacing 70mm
Cold trap temperature ≤ -56°C (no load), optional ≤ -80°C (no load)
Water catching capacity 3-4kg/24h
Ultimate vacuum ≤ 5pa (no load)
Power 970 W
Host Weight 62 KG
Mainframe Dimensions 580×500×1210mm 580×500×1185mm 580×500×1260mm

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05191, YR05192, YR05193


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