Water Purification System YR56 / YR56-1

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Atomic absorption/emission spectroscopy, mass spectrum, TOC detection, environmental monitoring, biochip development, trace organic matter análisis

Product Features

  • Colored touched screen, humanized operation interface make users completely monitor controller’s working status and real-time data.
  • Inbuilt feed water pressure test gauge to real time monitor tap water pressure and filters blocking.
  • Lifetime of PP cotton, activated carbon filter, RO membrane and ultra purification columns can be set to display the elapsed&rest time of consumables. Automatic reminder for filter replacement to avoid water quality decreasing.
  • Feed water, RO and UP water three ways water quality sensor and five ways switches signal are accessed integrated, with functions of timing quantitative water taking.
  • Equipped with USB Host interface, it supports data export function of historical alarm record and historical water intake record.
  • Low-voltage 24VDC is used as the main power supply, which meets the safety regulations and meets the requirements of humid environment, and will not cause personal injury.
  • Can be with inner circulation system to ensure water quality keep at the highest level. ( optional)
Model YR56 YR56-1
Inlet water source RO water or purified water
Water flow speed 1-1.5 L/min
Machine capacity 60-90 L/H
Water quality
DI water: Conductivity <0.1 μS/cm (ASTM type II water)
UP water: resistivity 18.25MΩ.cm@25°C (ASTM type I water)
TOC: <3 ppb, particles (>0.22 um) <1/ml, microorganism <1 cfu/ml
pyrogens N/A <0,001EU/ml

Additional Information

Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 61 × 52,5 × 77 cm

YR56, YR56-1


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