What are the steps to use and calibrate a meter?

August 29, 2022by Kalstein

It is important to follow the instructions and recommendations of manufacturers for the use and calibration of a phmeter, since, to achieve a correct measurement with a phmeter must be calibrated correctly, remember that the pH measures the concentration of hydrogen ions, which determine the degree of acidity and basicity of a solution; in addition not only works to measure the degree of water contamination, but as a diagnosis of body diseases or when measuring pH of urine and blood.

It is extremely important to know the index of the pH scale in chemical, biological, industrial processes and in general in everyday life; identifying the pH levels allows us to know if some substances are hazardous to health, for this there are several advanced pH meters also indicate other types of values of the substance, in kalstein we have a variety of models that allow the user to know not only the pH levels but the temperature and other related parameters.

Steps for using a meter

This instrument is easy to use, some difficulties may arise depending on the model, however, following a series of steps, the user would be able to use it in the required laboratory processes:

  • Turn on the meter.
  • Wait approximately half an hour before using it.
  • Remove the electrode from its storage.
  • Run the electrode through distilled water.
  • Press the calibrate button and wait for it to stop flashing to press again.
  • Immerse in a solution of ph 4.
  • Then dip again in distilled water.
  • Now you can proceed to measure your sample.

These steps are commonly performed on a digital meter, and when this is not calibrated, it should be noted that each model and manufacturer may have different steps to follow for the use and calibration of this device.

Phmetro Features

Although it seems to be a complex equipment is distant from that, its functionality is simple, however, it is an instrument that has special pieces that must be known to make precisely its operation and use really easy, so we will describe the three fundamental parts of the meter:

  • pH electrode: It is composed of pH-selective glass and features a thin glass membrane that allows you to create a selective barrier upon contact with water and exchange hydrogen+ ions with the solutions.
  • Temperature compensation element: this part of the meter is important, it is used to avoid incorrect temperature measurement, which would significantly affect the ions activity.
  • pH meter: in this part are the circuits, screens, meters, calibration controls, this part can change and vary according to the model and the manufacturer.

Knowing these parts is very useful, to be able to use it correctly, also allows us to detect some malfunction, although these parts are main, the pH meter is composed of other parts that integrate it to effectively fulfill its function.

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