Advantages in the use of Bacticinerator for Infectology Units

The Bacticinerador, is a equipment that sterilizes the handles used in laboratories, in charge of eliminating bacteria by infrared heat originated by a central ceramic mechanism. This equipment contains no fuel and certifies maximum sterility without splashing on the work surface. Heat is respected as the means of sterilization par excellence, as long as the material withstands high temperatures without suffering any damage. Complete sterilization occurs in 5-7 seconds, at a temperature of 815.6°C (1500°F). It is constituted as a sterilization protector, for greater safety in handling the material and any remaining remaining in the smooth area of the quartz tube, can be easily removed.

This device, with the emission and diffusion of the energy that characterizes it, is used as an agent for the exclusion of microorganisms, ideal for infectious disease units. By means of the electrical purification system, it is the most beneficial for disinfection of ties, needles and instruments of infection. As innovative equipment, it is used inside the safety hoods, because the use of gases and open flames, is not allowed.

Sterilization Processes

In the infectious disease units, the process of using the Bacticinerator starts once the equipment is turned on, it is set red hot and the handles are introduced directly to the fire. Its activity depends on the quality of the infrared. This burns the contaminants to ashes. It’s a very easy process to use in laboratories, and thanks to this procedure, the formation of aerosols is avoided, which could contaminate the environment.

Through infrared heat sterilization, microorganisms are lost by oxidation of their cellular components through efficient processes because they die faster and allow microorganisms to break down more easily, providing a means to distribute infrared heat evenly throughout the internal chamber of the sterilization equipment. This action is applied in the infectious disease units, where the processes of analysis, prevention and treatment of diseases produced by microscopic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or others are involved.

Benefits of Use

By using the Bacticinerator, the disinfection processes or the sterilization of the handles by infrared heat transmitted by the equipment, adds the various complex acts that happen as the temperature increases and allows the destruction of microorganisms gradually, becoming the only method of action, for sterilization within the laboratory. And that is why, by using the Bacticinerator in the infectious disease units, offers the following advantages:

  • Thanks to its infrared heat, it penetrates any matter with a high action capacity.
  • Offers fast sterilization processes.
  • It offers the right temperature.
  • It is a flexible and accessible team.
  • The sterilizing effect can be easily controlled and is also instantaneous.

It should be noted that these advantages have been applied in numerous infectious diseases units around the world, because we are living with a pandemic virus and it is very important to clean and sterilize materials and surfaces to minimize the spread. In that sense, sterilization by the use of the Bacticinerator can be a great ally. For now, it can only be applied within specific, trained institutions that provide a level of security by specialized experts, to avoid the risk of exposure to staff by applying it in an automated way.

Bacticinerator brand Kalstein

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