Benefits of Wheelchairs for Alzheimer’s patients

Alzheimer’s is a progressive neurological disease that causes atrophy in the brain and causes the death of brain neurons. Alzheimer’s, is a type of dementia that generates a continuous deterioration in the thought, behavior and social skills of a person. Symptoms due to this disease develop slowly and eventually worsen to the point that they are so severe that they interfere with a patientโ€™s daily tasks.

Depending on the person and from the first symptoms to when more severe symptoms develop, many yearsโ€”5 to 20 yearsโ€”may pass. Currently there is no treatment to reverse the degenerative process that this disease has, however, there are drugs that help slow the progression of this disease.

When a patient gradually loses his brain functions and cannot move by himself or by having reduced mobility, the use of supporting accessories, such as crutches or canes, is necessary to avoid any fall due to disorientation, in addition it should be supplemented with wheelchairs, either for your daily personal hygiene.

Types of wheelchairs for Alzheimer’s patients

The wheelchair becomes a fundamental device when caring for a person with Alzheimer’s. This degenerative disease of brain cells is inevitable and progressive, causing damage to the neurons responsible for doing the functions that distinguish us as human beings. For this reason, this disease is considered a disability that affects daily activities.

When an Alzheimer’s patient cannot move and loses mobility, they must choose tools that help them move both within and outside their home. Among the wide variety of wheelchairs that Alzheimer’s patients can use are: electric wheelchairs, indoor wheelchairs or rigid chassis chairs, self-propelled folding wheelchairs and positioning wheelchairs, among others.

Advantages of Wheelchairs for Alzheimer’s Patients

The origin of Alzheimer’s is unknown, however, it results from reduced brain production of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which causes deficits in the performance of cholinergic circuits in the brain system. People diagnosed with this disease, at first have an abnormal loss of memory, however, can live with this. In more advanced stages, the patient loses his brain functions and his cognitive faculties, his knowledge and finally all his capacity and physical control are diminished.

Nonetheless, the use of assistive devices, such as a wheelchair, is recommended to prevent falls due to disorientation in patients. There are a variety of types of wheelchairs for people with Alzheimer’s and each of these is adapted to the needs of the patient. Among the different advantages and benefits that a wheelchair has are the following:

  • They are narrow devices that, depending on their type, can be operated through hard-to-reach places, such as the bathroom.
  • It makes life easier for the patient who suffers from the disease and for those who care for them.
  • They prevent Alzheimer’s patients from suffering from accidents because of the lack of coordination they have and because they don’t recognize the danger.
  • They facilitate the implementation of activities.
  • They increase the quality of life.


A wheelchair, s is a kind of personal vehicle that allows users to improve the performance of their daily activities that are disabled by any disability, deficiency or permanent or part-time disability. These individual vehicles allow a safe transfer to patients with various diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Myasthenia Gravis and Muscle Atrophy, among others.ย  In addition, it is also used for people who have suffered an accident.

The purchase of a wheelchair according to the needs of the patient is of vital importance, since the user will use and will be sitting for a long time or permanently in this device. Therefore, it should be an adaptable and personalized tool, in order to prevent any muscular and skeletal tension, and allow activities to be carried out easily.

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