Essential steps for the proper disinfection of medical linen using industrial washing machines

Medical equipment is one of the many layers of defense that healthcare personnel use to protect themselves and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. However, every time it is used, this equipment becomes a potential carrier of pathogens and therefore needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected. This is where a formidable tool comes into play: the industrial washing machine.ย 

In the healthcare environment, the industrial washer is not a luxury, but a necessity. They were designed to handle large volumes of laundry, and have washing programs that guarantee disinfection according to international standards.ย 

Essential steps for proper medical linen disinfection

To ensure a high degree of cleanliness and disinfection, there are essential steps to follow in the use of an industrial washer.ย 

Pre-sorting and preparation of linen: Linen should be sorted to avoid mixing heavily soiled linen with less soiled linen. It should be inspected to remove foreign objects that can damage the industrial washing machine.

  1. Industrial Washer Configuration: Industrial washers come with different configurations to suit the type of fabrics and level of soiling. It is vital to choose the correct configuration, ensuring that the clothes will not be damaged and will be properly sanitized.
  2. Use of appropriate detergents and chemicals: To achieve the required disinfection, products already recommended by the World Health Organization should be used.
  3. Proper drying and storage: Once cleaned, the linen should be dried completely to avoid the formation of mold or bacteria. Then, it should be stored in a clean and dry place ready for its next use.

Industrial washing machine maintenance and care.

For prolonged efficiency of the industrial washing machine, regular maintenance is crucial. Our recommendation is to follow the manufacturers’ guidelines. Preventive maintenance can prevent major and costly problems in the future.

Proper disinfection of medical linens is a crucial element in maintaining a safe hospital environment. Fortunately, modern laundry technology, incorporated into machines such as the industrial washing machine, has allowed for thorough cleaning with less effort and greater efficiency. By following the right steps, we can ensure the safety of our medical staff and, by extension, our patients.

Kalstein Solutionsย 

Today, more than ever, cleaning and disinfection in healthcare environments are crucial and the industrial washer is a true ally in this task. By maintaining its correct use and care, the disinfection of medical linen will be one less concern in the tireless struggle to safeguard public health.

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