How does the Electric Wheelchair work?

The wheelchair often makes the difference between being a passive recipient or an active contributor. With the use of a wheelchair, a person can earn a living and help the family income, but without a wheelchair, that person can be left behind and be a burden to his family and the country in general. Similarly, a wheelchair that is not durable will be made more excessive by the need for frequent repairs, absence of work and final replacement of the chair.

Therefore, electric wheelchairs are a practical aid that allows the movement to those with mobility problems. Powered by a battery-powered motor, it is controlled by a joystick that allows you to set the direction, speed and also in some cases the configuration of the seat and backrest.

Functions of Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is in principle advisable, for those people who can not propulse themselves. However, they are increasingly chosen for their well-being and comfort, as well as the freedom of movement they offer. These have a motor and a battery that provides energy so that the user or the passenger can carry it without pushing it. They have mechanisms such as:

  • It climbs curbs: it’s a mechanism that allows you to climb small spaces known as sidewalks, and these chairs allow you to climb them.
  • Reclining Backrest. With this mechanism, the user can at his will recline or vascular the chair at the time he wants.

Other actions contain a control on the back, or double control so that both the user or the passenger can carry the chair. In some special cases, you can put the knob to the chin. This is especially necessary in cases of very high and very severe quadriplegia, which only allow its use with the head.

Some of the most common reasons why the use of an electric wheelchair is needed are due to high spinal injuries, neuromuscular and/or degenerative diseases that prevent movement, older people who lack strength, or people with respiratory or heart disease for whom efforts are not advised.

Recommendations for use

  • Proper Design
  • Manufactured to appropriate standards
  • Reliable supply of wheelchairs and spare parts
  • Services that assist the user in choosing and adjusting a wheelchair, provide training in the use and maintenance of the wheelchair, and ensure follow-up and repair services.

Therefore, staff involved in every aspect of using electric wheelchairs need to have the right skills and knowledge. This means that training is indispensable for those involved in the use of correct wheelchairs.

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

The structure of an electric wheelchair depends on several factors, such as the physical requirements of users, the way and means in which the wheelchair will be used and the technology available at the place where the wheelchair is manufactured and used. There are many types of electric wheelchairs, including:

  • From the point of view of transport: Folding electric wheelchairs are similar to conventional wheelchairs, however, the difference is that the first one that must be removed the batteries so that it can be folded and the second, is that even removing the batteries the weight of the chair is high to be able to load it comfortably in a car.
  • From the point of view of their lightness: They are found with standard electric wheelchairs or light electric wheelchairs. Standard electric wheelchairs are standard, heavy weight, made of steel with two batteries of 40 amps or more battery. On the other hand, there are the light ones, which besides having a very fast and accessible folding, are wheelchairs made of aluminum and lithium batteries, allowing to reduce to a third of the total weight of an electric wheelchair

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