Ice maker: What technology do you use?

Ice ice makers are specialized equipment that possess the ability thanks to their structure to produce large quantities of ice for disposal in any area or procedure required within the laboratory or other institution. They work by increasing the efficiency of ice production and by supplying large quantities of this element for the various procedures required.

The first thing you need to know is what is ice that is made from small cubes of soft ice that can be chewed up to swallow small amounts of water at once. They are different from normal ice cubes because ice cubes are hard and difficult to chew.

How does a ice maker work?

An ice maker works by using a high-pressure pump and a crusher. You can use tap running water or bottled water or, with some models, you can even connect it to the kitchen pipe for continuous water supply. There is a wide variety of applications for ice pellets, can be used for drinks and cocktails, to keep patients who have difficulty swallowing liquid hydrated, and can even serve to store fruits and vegetables for a long time.

As mentioned above, water comes from an outside source and rises through an extremely icy metal coating, which, in less than 60 seconds, turns water into ice columns. Then a spiral of stainless steel takes care of raising the ice to the top of the manufacturer, where a rotating arm is responsible for breaking the columns into small cubes (hail) and sending them to the freezer where they are stored. Then, through a sensor located on the freezer and inside the machine, the machine will stop ice production when the freezer where they are stored no longer has enough space to hold more cubes.

Important benefits you can get from a maker of ice pellets

  • Packaging of fruits and vegetables: One of the main benefits of having a manufacturer of ice granita is that you can use the ice you make to pack fruits and vegetables. Compared to normal ice cubes, ice hail has a much longer shelf life. Therefore, you will be able to wrap your product with ice hail and keep it cool for longer.
  • Fast ice production: It allows you to produce ice at any time and very quickly. Most ice makers can produce more than a pound of ice every hour. And if you want, you can leave it running all day to have ice available at all times.
  • They have an environmentally friendly design: A manufacturer of ice hail has little energy and water consumption to produce ice hail.
  • Perfect for any place: Finally, the ice is an extremely useful product anywhere.

Main characteristics of a manufacturer of ice pellets

  • It has switches and function button for control and operation.
  • It has a long service life.
  • It is made of non-corrosive steels.
  • It has automated control.
  • Most have a screen that projects indications such as: ice filling in the storage space, water shortage, failures in the manufacturing process, among others.
  • The computer is certified.
  • They are usually small and compact equipment. So it requires less space than block ice machines.
  • It allows ice making on demand, because it produces ice almost immediately after starting the machine.

What does Kalstein offer you?

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  • High quality SUS304 stainless steel is used, which is anti-corrosive and durable. Compact structure is simple and space saving.
  • R134a non-CFC compressors from world famous brands are used. Main parts and components have passed safety certifications
  • relevant. The product has a stable quality and long service life.
  • The ice making process is fully computer controlled, using imported computer chips for reliable control and easy operation.
  • Fully automatic control: with operating indicator, full ice indicator, water shortage indicator and fault code display, etc. It will stop automatically in case of full ice or water shortage and start automatically when the ice is not full or water supply resumes.
  • There are ignition switches and function indicators deployed in the front with detailed instructions. They are easily perceived and available. Varied safety performance indicators have passed electrical tests and are therefore safe and reliable.

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