Knowing the benefits of light, including increased energy and mood, as well as the ability to improve mood, light has also been shown to have a positive effect on the development of premature newborns. Phototherapy, or light therapy, is a type of treatment that has been used for decades to treat premature newborns with jaundice. This occurs when the baby’s liver cannot break down bilirubin, a yellow substance that is produced as a result of the destruction of red blood cells, accumulates in the blood and is deposited in the skin, giving the baby a yellowish appearance.

Phototherapy is done by using a special lamp that emits blue light. Blue light is absorbed better into bilirubin and helps the liver break it down more quickly. The baby sits under the light while sleeping or resting. A special diaper is placed on the baby to protect his eyes from light. Phototherapy is usually done in the hospital, but some infants may need home treatment.

Effectiveness of Phototherapy in Newborns

Phototherapy is a safe and effective treatment for jaundice and is commonly used in premature newborns. Although phototherapy can cause some side effects, such as an increase in body temperature and diarrhea, these effects are usually mild and temporary. It can also reduce the time your baby needs to be in the hospital.

Although phototherapy can be very effective in treating it, it is not recommended as a single treatment, it can be a sign of other medical conditions, so it is important that the baby be examined by a doctor to rule out other causes. If jaundice is caused by another condition, such as anemia, treatment may not be effective unless the underlying condition is treated.

Phototherapy can be a great ally for premature babies, but it’s important to talk to your baby’s doctor before starting treatment. Doctors can help determine whether phototherapy is right for the baby and can closely monitor the treatment to make sure the baby is receiving the best possible care.

Mode of use

Before placing the baby in the incubator, it is important to make sure the chamber is completely clean and disinfected. You should also make sure that the incubator is working properly and that the baby is well fitted inside. Parents and caregivers should remain close to the baby throughout the procedure to monitor the baby and make sure the baby does not get hurt.

After treatment, it is important for the baby to wash well with warm water and soap. Parents and caregivers should also make sure the incubator is completely clean and disinfected before storing.

If the infant phototherapy incubator is to be used with a baby in need of special care, it is important that the caregiver or the doctor ensures that the baby is in a safe and comfortable position. The infant should be secured in the incubator with safety straps and held firmly to it. If the baby needs to be fed, it is important to make sure the feeding tube is connected properly before using the incubator.

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