Study of Safety, Efficacy and Reliability of the Optical Surgical Navigator in the Spine

The optical surgical navigator is a relatively new technology, which is gaining popularity in spinal surgery. The short-lived optical navigator is an optical position control system based on a traction screw, used to guide the correct reference plane during minimally invasive surgery.

The optical surgical navigator has benefits in terms of safety, efficacy and reliability when used for spinal surgery and is described as a useful and accurate system for instrumented replacement. The aim of this article is to present updated information that describes the evaluation of the safety, efficacy and reliability of the optical surgical navigator when used in the spine surgery.

Is the use of the optical surgical navigator in spinal interventions documented?

In the specialized medical literature, several clinical trials and experimental studies have been reported that relate the safety, efficacy and reliability of the Optical Surgical Navigator in spine surgery. This instrumentation is widely used in other surgical procedures, such as plastic surgery, interventions in the eyeball, at the brain level and in the thorax, therefore, it is not surprising that, at the level of the spine, such equipment can be of great help to the specialist doctor.

In this sense, in the specialized medical literature, the studies showed that the optical surgical navigator offers greater safety compared to the manual positioning of the traction screw due to lower displacement rates and greater precision in the positioning of the traction screw. In addition, browser security was successful for all published studies.

The studies evaluating the effectiveness of the optical navigator showed that it was highly reliable in the location of the surgical position and the degree of adaptation of the surgical route and in the surgical time. In relation to this, it has been indicated that the duration time is reduced by 3.2% on average when browsers are used in this type of interventions.

Is the use of optical surgical navigators in spinal surgery recommended?

One of the characteristics of the optical surgical navigator is its reliability. This instrument proved to be reliable in preventing soft tissue injuries around the surgical instrument. In this sense, studies suggest a reduction of almost 43.8% in the soft tissue injury around the surgical instrument when this instrumentation is used. When it comes to health and decreasing side effects in any procedure, any decrease in risk is significant, which makes it possible to recommend the application of browsers.

Based on the existing information derived from multiple studies and clinical trials, it can be concluded that the Optical Surgical Navigator is safe, effective and reliable for spine surgery. The safety of this device was high in all trials, with significant effectiveness and reliability in the location of the surgical position, adaptation of the surgical route, surgical time and reduction of soft tissue injuries. These results suggest that the use of the surgical navigator is safe, effective and reliable for the spine surgery.

Kalstein Optical Surgical Navigators as Support in Spinal Surgeries

Based on the information presented in this article, it is recommended that the Optical Surgical Navigator be included as a viable alternative for spine surgery, always bearing in mind that the benefits in the safety, efficacy and reliability of the navigator for other surgical procedures are proven. These recommendations can provide the certainty and safety needed for surgery in general and for surgeons.

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