Treatment of jaundice in infants and neonatal phototherapy incubators

When a baby is born the first thing is to offer immediate care, in the case of a jaundiced newborn it is important to determine if it is a physiological jaundice or a pathological jaundice, when we are facing a mild jaundice almost always disappears without treatment between two or three weeks, but if on the contrary the baby presents a moderate or severe jaundice, our newborn should remain in the neonatology room or be hospitalized.

Jaundice is a condition that occurs due to hyperbilirubinemia and is present in 60% to 70% of newborns, this condition has as sequel if serious neurological damage is not properly treated, so it is important to assess the newborn and assign a preventive treatment according to bilirubin levels, in cases where it is considered highly risky is considered the treatment with phototherapy.ย 

Types of jaundice in babies

  • It appears after 48 hours of life.
  • It doesn’t last more than a week.
  • Bilirubin levels do not exceed 12 mg%.
  • The tests rule out any hemolytic problems.

Pathological Jaundice

  • It appears before 48 hours of life.
  • When the plasma concentration of total bilirubin increases over the course of days.
  • When total bilirubin levels exceed 12 mg%.
  • The one that persists for more than a week of life.
  • Physiological jaundice is not associated with kernicterus except for very small preterm infants.

Treatments for jaundice in babiesย 

  • Improved nutrition: in the first stage it is recommended to improve the baby’s diet, performing a frequent feeding or include supplements to ensure adequate nutrition and prevent weight loss.
  • Light therapy (phototherapy): a light therapy is used under a lamp where a bluish green spectrum is emitted, which causes the shape and structure of bilirubin molecules to change and then is eliminated through the baby’s urine and feces; this therapy is usually accompanied by the use of light-emitting pads or mattresses.ย 
  • Intravenous immunoglobulin (IgIV): when this treatment is applied, an intravenous transfusion of an immunoglobulin is performed that reduces the levels of antibodies to decrease jaundice.
  • Blood transfusion: when jaundice proves serious it requires an exchange transfusion, which means repeatedly removing small amounts of blood and replacing it with donor blood to dilute bilirubin and maternal antibodies.

Neonatal phototherapy incubator brand Kalstein

As our first infant incubator is not a simple incubator connection and phototherapy unit. The sophisticated integration allows the newborn with hyperbilirubinemia to receive blue-ray phototherapy in an appropriate, protected and reliable environment. All the details, including the distance between the phototherapy units and the patient, the intensity of the lighting, etc., are the result of persistent and strict research and experience for your newborn patient while rigorously fulfilling the duty to protect the baby with the best care.

Our variety of models can not only maintain a stable environment for the newborn patient, but can also treat baby jaundice with intensive LED phototherapy simultaneously. With their compact design, ergonomic height adjustment and soft trolley, caregivers are easy to use in the NICU. Widely applicable in all hospitals and clinics and optimized for premature deliveries or for some term sick babies or babies with jaundice.

Characteristics of the Incubator of child phototherapy brand Kalstein

  • The light intensity of phototherapy is constantly adjustable.
  • The time of bilirubin phototherapy can be paused, recorded and accumulated.
  • The duration of the phototherapy treatment can be preset and automatically switched off when a preset duration is reached
  • The lifespan of the LED phototherapy unit is 20,000 hours.
  • The silicone mattress protects the newborn during the phototherapy treatment.
  • The microprocessor servocontroller ensures precise and reliable temperature control
  • Set temperature, monitored air temperature, and baby’s skin temperature and heating power are distinguished on the screen
  • The servocontrolled humidification system maintains relative humidity at a constant level in the incubator
  • The configured and monitored humidity concentration is shown separately
  • Low temperature and ultrasonic nebulized humidification protects the newborn from bacterial contamination
  • > 37 โ„ƒย  override temperature function
  • Self-test function for affirmative security.
  • Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple failures with 3 priorities
  • Chord alarm notes feed more than 20 feet, but leave the baby asleep without interruption.
  • Aluminum structure to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Continuous adjustment of mattress inclination up to 10ยบ
  • The drawer water tank is easily removable for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Natural air circulation system.
  • Wardrobe closet
  • RS-232 connector
  • l Side door, front-rear door
  • l Double wall hoods
  • l Child phototherapy unit (OSRAM tubes)

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