Use of radiant heater and respiratory function in newborns

A newborn has a number of essential needs to meet to ensure healthy growth and development, one of them is to have an optimal temperature, which is achieved by means of a radiant heater.

A radiant warmer for newborns is a device that emits an infrared light to heat the air near the baby, this infrared light works by transmitting large amounts of heat directly to the baby’s body through infrared rays, without affecting the ambient temperature.

Advantages for newborns with breathing problems when using radiant heaters

The heat is directed to the body tissues, without the need to move the air in the area near the baby, thus maintaining a less stressful environment for the little one, in addition to the optimal temperature to prevent infections and hypothermia, newborns also need good respiratory function.

A radiant warmer for newborns can help maintain a temperature that helps this function, this is because a radiant warmer raises the air in the baby’s crib, which improves the amount of oxygen available.

It improves breathing in newborns by having higher oxygen density

Because newborns breathe faster than adults, they need a higher density of oxygen to breathe safely, and the radiant warmer helps prevent condensation from forming around them and minimizes the number of times the baby wakes up from cold sensations.

This allows newborns to rest well and avoid any problems related to insufficient rest; finally, the radiant warmer can improve the respiratory function of newborns in many other ways.

Prevention of respiratory infections with the use of radiant heater

This tool prevents the formation of airflow as well as possible colds of the baby, and improves flows and temperature in the small child’s area by directly heating the body tissue of newborns.

In conclusion, a radiant warmer for newborns is essential to provide the optimal temperature to the baby as well as improve its respiratory function, this tool is able to heat the air close to the baby to prevent infections and hypothermia, allow a healthy rest and improve flows and temperature, without affecting the room temperature.

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