Use of the Elisa washer to assess cytotoxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs

Microplate washing machine is a laboratory equipment used for mechanical washing directly to sheets containing 96 or 384 wells used for chemical research. They are widely used to maintain hygienic instrument for depositing samples during research, drug discovery, and quality control.

In this case for the evaluation of the toxicity grades of chemotherapeutic drugs, the microplate reader analyzes all the levels compounds or the effect of cytokines on cells, where DNA analysis is required and using reproduction tests. For this, microplate washers with key processes for the correct development of the study are required, thanks to the various stages of washing can be achieved to eliminate all type of remainder that has been free without reacting, preventing unwanted interference.

Operation of the Elisa Washing Machine

The microplate washer is an injection and suction device that automatically removes and distributes liquids to clean the microplates, removing any substances that are attached at the time the Elisa technique is used. It has a suitable space where the washing buffer is placed and mechanically rinses for 6 minutes. Then, after the user has programmed the cleaning processes, he should turn the plate upside down and shake it firmly on a paper towel to remove any excess.

The microplate washing machine has two tanks: one holds the washing buffer while the other holds the substances that are discarded during the Elisa technique. It has control mechanisms, supply, extraction and advance.

In addition, it provides facilities for controlling the parameters depending on the unique requirements of each cleaning system, and also for the permanent record of such tests, stored in the internal memory of the equipment that can be selected from the menu that manages its functions.

It has several parts

  • Transporter or holder, where the plate is placed.
  • Dispensing head, responsible for evenly distributing the liquid in the wells.
  • Suction system, where it is inserted into each well to absorb waste.
  • Units of solution, it contains the liquid that cleans the wells.
  • Hoses, allows the connection of the various elements of the hydropneumatic system.
  • Menu, where the keyboard and light indicators are located to facilitate operations.

General Process of the Elisa Technique

Firstly, the importance of the enzymatic immunoassay test performs studies to determine the efficiency and specificity of the tested antigens, to capture by a monoclonal antibody that is attached to the surface of the microtitre plate well. The amount retained in the wells is evaluated and measures the intensity of the color of the sample. The functionality of the ELISA technique confirms, through positive processes as is the case of antigens, plus the negative control of buffer solutions that do not contain antigen, used to normalize the results of samples from patients and evaluate toxic levels influencing chemotherapeutic drugs, which could yield false high values.

In this way, the washing machine of Elisa intervenes to make the results reliable and accurate. Given its importance, correct steps should be taken and interruptions avoided, such as:

  • Confirm that the amount dispensed in the wells.
  • Check the effectiveness of the suction system.
  • Needles must be clean for delivery and removal.
  • Check cleaning of washing machine body.
  • Check the fit of the controls.

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