Veterinary ICU Unit: Specialized Equipment for Critical Care of Animals

Vital signs monitors are a crucial tool in the veterinary ICU. At Kalstein, we offer a variety of monitors that enable veterinarians to closely monitor the animals’ vital signs at all times. These monitors can measure heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and many other important parameters for patient care. With this real-time information, veterinarians can make informed decisions about the treatment and care of animals in the ICU.

In addition, our vital signs monitors are designed to be user-friendly and highly accurate. With clear, easy-to-read displays, veterinarians can monitor the animals’ vital signs quickly and efficiently. This allows them to detect any changes in the patients’ health status early and respond immediately to ensure their well-being. In short, Kalstein’s vital signs monitors are an indispensable tool in the veterinary ICU to ensure the best possible care for critically ill animals.

Veterinary Incubators

Veterinary incubators are another essential piece of equipment in the ICU to provide the optimal environment for the recovery of sick or injured animals. At Kalstein, we have incubators specifically designed for animals’ needs, with temperature, humidity, and ventilation controls that can be adjusted to create an ideal environment for each patient. These incubators are particularly useful for neonate animals or those who require intensive care after a surgery or severe illness.

Our veterinary incubators are built with durable, easy-to-clean materials to ensure a sterile and safe environment for patients. They also feature clear doors allowing veterinarians to monitor animals without needing to open the incubator, helping maintain a consistent temperature and minimizing stress in patients. At Kalstein, we are committed to providing veterinarians with the best tools for patient care, and our veterinary incubators are a clear example of this.

Ventilators for Veterinary ICU

Ventilators are critical equipment in the veterinary ICU for respiratory support of critically ill patients. At Kalstein, we offer a wide range of ventilators specially designed for animals’ needs, with ventilation modes that can adapt to different sizes and species. Our ventilators are safe, reliable, and easy to use, making them an indispensable tool for ensuring appropriate oxygenation of patients in the ICU.

Furthermore, our ventilators have configurable alarms that alert veterinarians in case of any abnormalities in patient ventilation. This allows them to intervene immediately and adjust the ventilator settings as needed to ensure the animals’ comfort and safety. In short, Kalstein’s veterinary ICU ventilators are a critical tool in the care of critically ill animals, ensuring proper breathing and successful recovery.

Infusion Pumps for Veterinary ICU

Infusion pumps are fundamental in the veterinary ICU to administer drugs, fluids, and nutrients accurately and controlled to patients. At Kalstein, we offer a variety of infusion pumps specifically designed for animals’ needs, with different administration modes and infusion speeds that can adapt to each clinical situation. Our infusion pumps are reliable, safe, and easy to program, allowing veterinarians to administer intravenous treatments efficiently.

Additionally, our infusion pumps feature configurable alarms that alert veterinarians in case of any abnormalities in the administration of fluids or medications. This provides them with peace of mind that treatments are being administered correctly and helps prevent potential complications in patients. In conclusion, Kalstein’s infusion pumps for the veterinary ICU are an essential tool to ensure precise and controlled medical care for critically ill animals.

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