What are the criteria for selecting an ideal anesthesia machine?

Anesthesia is simply the application of medicines during a medical intervention, in order to relieve or prevent the patient’s pain. In general, the drugs used do no harm to the body, and most people have no problems with injecting them.

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nervesโ€”the nervesโ€”which send messages through the body to the spinal cord and brain. When anesthesia is applied, signals from the nervous system are blocked, so pain messages from the procedure do not reach the brain. Before choosing an anesthetic machine, you should take into account several factors, which we will show you below.

Types of anesthesia machines

The anesthesia machine is a medical equipment used in surgical interventions or simpler procedures, whose operation is based on the mixture of fresh gases with analgesics and medical gases, in order to induce and keep the patient anesthetized being applied. It is used in conjunction with other equipment that constantly evaluates the patientโ€™s condition.

They should work together with a ventilator, suction equipment, a breathing system, and instruments for proper patient monitoring. Anesthesia machines can be of different types, according to the type of flow, which can be intermittent or continuous, the choice between them depends on their purpose.

  • Continuous flow machine: continuously and accurately supply the patient with the correct dose of anesthetic, along with medicinal gases, always at a safe flow and pressure.
  • Intermittent flow machine: Unlike continuous flow equipment, it intermittently supplies anesthetic and medicinal gases only when the patient activates the system on his own inspiration.

How to select the best anesthesia machine?

In any medical center, anesthesia machines are indispensable for complex procedures in which general or partial anesthesia is required. Because of its key function, it is vital to have a high-quality machine that guarantees good operation and that is practical to handle. We recommend that you evaluate the following:

  • The type of services your workplace provides. If your doctor specializes in performing surgical procedures, it’s best to have a well-equipped surgical area with a high-quality anesthetic machine. So, according to the type of procedures that are performed, it is that you should choose your equipment. It is always advisable to locate, not necessarily the most economical equipment, but the one that is most efficient.
  • Functionality of the anesthesia machine: when purchasing your anesthesia machine you must take into account certain aspects of functionality, for example: are they difficult to operate? do you provide reassurance to staff and patients? In relation to this, it would be best to choose a machine that is easy to operate for health personnel, since procedures can be performed more smoothly and efficiently.
  • You should be clear about the specific features you are looking for, this will allow you to have an overview of the equipment you want. Some of the features to consider are, the monitor, the presence of fail-safe mechanisms, the presence of backup gas cylinders or the presence of oxygen sensors.

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