What are the different types of heating plates that exist?

These are laboratory instruments are small appliances that have one or more elements of electric heating, in addition they have a structure resistant to chemical spills, as well as corrosion; its main purpose is to heat containers of different materials with liquid content, always uniformly and controlled; we can find on the market different models with specific features that will depend on your applications.

The variety of models and types of heating plates will depend on the manufacturer, in this case, we KALSTEIN as Company Manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment, we offer a YR series that its high-tech designs and manufactured with the best materials ensure an efficient and effective process, in addition to offering advice and accompaniment during installation. 

Types of heating plates brand KALSTEIN

Although there are a variety of types of heating plates on the international market, but here are the best ones that represent a high quality range, we at KALSTEIN can offer you these models and if you want to go further visit HERE

  • Magnetic stirrer with heating plate YR02951-YR02952: Digital display temperature and speed, heating temperature: Rt-380 degrees and mixing speed: 100-1800 RPM
  • Constant temperature digital magnetic stirrer with hot plate YR02942: PID automatic temperature control, water and dust resistant housing molded in time with antistatic paint.
  • Magnetic control stirrer with stirring bar YR02934: Acceptable ambient temperature Room temperature at 40°C, Scale shaking screen, Temperature range for ambient machine at 380 degrees.
  • Mini Digital Lab Magnetic Heating Plate Shaker YR02937: Due to its small size, a shaker bar is cleaned and sterilized more easily than other shaker devices.
  • Mini Digital Lab Magnetic Heating Plate Shaker YR02941: Top plate shape round or square, PT100 thermocouple probe, sensor type with inner and outer thermocouple.
  • Five-point magnetic stirring hot plate for laboratory YR02945: Multipoint magnetic stirrer adjustable in temperature, the surface temperature can be up to 350°C, 5 points, temperature control pressure ± 5°C
  • Heater and Heating Plate Thermostatic Digital Magnetic Shaker YR02938: digital heating plates with heater made of ceramic top plate, PID temperature control and digital display that offers excellent chemical resistance.
  • YR02940 Hot Plate Laboratory Magnetic Shaker: Shake flask capacity of 50ML – 15L, maximum plate temperature above 325 degrees.
  • YR02944 Hot Plate Laboratory Magnetic Shaker: Ceramic top plate material, Temperature display (°C) on digital display.
  • Heated Magnetic Heating Plate Shaker Bar YR02943: 10L volume, 230MM heating plate, 750W heating power, ceramic coated aluminum heating plate material.
  • Industrial Heating Plate Magnetic Shaker Bar 10L with Heating YR02939: Temperature display (°C) on digital LCD display, Ambient temperature range-380°C, Heating power (W) 750.
  • Laboratory hot plate magnetic stirrer YR02936: Temperature control on PID control LED display when machine is running, temperature accuracy ±5 degrees.
  • YR02947 Multi-position Thermostatic Heating Plate Magnetic Shaker: White ceramic top plate material, stirring range 0~2000rpm, outside thermos to measure and control liquid temperature value along with front panel, outside thermo to measure and control liquid temperature value along with front panel.
  • Nine-point magnetic stirring heating plate for laboratory YR02946: Temperature-adjustable multipoint magnetic stirrer, 9-point specification, temperature control type adjustable continuous voltage, 0~220V controlled silicon control.
  • Thermostat Water bath Magnetic stirrer Mixer Heating plate Laboratory YR02935: 10L volume, 750W heating power, ceramic coated aluminum heating plate materials.

If you want to know the catalog of high-end products that we Kalstein have for you visit us HERE also we assure you that through our online shopping channels that are very easy and viable, reminding them that we are Company manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment of high level sale.