What is a Heating and Stirring Iron?

The heating and stirring plate is the ideal equipment for laboratory practices, able to offer precise temperature control, exceptional safety for homogenization, with the option of heating liquid samples of low viscosity, and for assistance during titrations, which provides uniformity, adapted to multiple processes, requiring temperature and stirring frequently used in the laboratory.

It is used in laboratories that practice chemical synthesis, physical-chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceutical laboratories, among others. The combination of a ceramic hob and an external temperature sensor make this equipment an essential tool during high performance laboratories.

Functions of the Heating Iron and Agitation

This type of equipment has a magnetic stirrer capable of heating the substance automatically, has a magnet device or shaking rod, where the dissolution of the samples is used. In addition, it has a hot plate, with a flat structure, on which are placed the liquids to be shaken and heated; made with thermal conductive materials, such as aluminum, or ceramics. They have also been developed to exclusively heat sources of infrared radiation.

Similarly, the heating and shaking iron, has an element of an electrical resistance, a control system (on, off, temperature control, shaking control and its respective motor). The motors used in this type of instrument are generally of single-phase induction type, referred to as degraded pole type.

In the laboratory, heating plates are usually handled to heat the glass material or its contents. They have a power selector, which allows to adjust the thermal emission, and the time needed to heat a certain container.

Importance of the Heating and Stirring Plate

By using the heating and shaking plate, it is important for scientists in laboratory practices of chemical and biological studies, because it allows to mix the substances in revolutions per minute (rpm), achieving the homogeneity of the samples, facilitating the analysis, providing efficiency and effectiveness.

It also offers the following benefits:

  • It’s quiet and controlled
  • Thanks to its shaking, it does not infect the sample, and allows users to handle several substances, reducing direct contact with the element when mixing it.
  • It improves the work in the laboratory and prevents possible accidents that may occur when performing such operations, such as chemical spills, direct contact with the skin, etc.

Computer Properties and Usage

The heating and stirring plates are created for the realization of various laboratory procedures, which require a formal control of the temperature and / or stirring speed. This laboratory unit has the following properties:

  • Ceramic coated top plate, corrosion proof, temperature resistant and controls aggressive fluids.
  • The iron, allows fast thermal conduction and a uniform surface temperature.
  • It has a digital temperature control.
  • Agitators are able to advance and stop gently to prevent the fluid from spilling, by the swift rotation and separation of the agitator bar.
  • It has an electronic feedback control that will keep the temperature accurately.

Magnetic Shaker with Kalstein Brand Heating Plate

At Kalstein, we are able to meet the demands of our users in the selection of laboratory equipment. We offer you, the Magnetic Stirrer with Heating Plate, being a very compact and simple to operate equipment, has digital temperature and speed display, heating temperature: Rt-380 degrees and mixing speed: 100-1800 RPM, heat and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy housing for greater durability. External Thermostat, to measure and control the value of the liquid temperature together with the front panel. Inner Thermostat, which monitors and measures the temperature of the hot plate stirrer. Ability to stir for each position 50ml-1000ml. Net weight of 7 KG and Temperature range for each position ambient at 400 degrees.

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