When should the Ultrasonic Homogenizer be used?

Homogenization is a chemical technique in which solutes or solvents are constantly mixed, in order to obtain as a result a uniform solution, this procedure is mainly applied when the solutes or solvents to be mixed are not miscible with each other. The degree of homogenization of the substance will depend on what is being mixed and the equipment used to apply the technique. Currently, the most common and used equipment in laboratories are rotor/stator homogenizers, high pressure homogenizers and ultrasonic homogenizers.

Homogenizers are laboratory instruments used in the process of homogenization of different types of samples. It is an indispensable equipment in the laboratory, simple to operate and can be applied in different fields of science and industry, such as biology, chemistry or medicine, and in industries such as cosmetics, food and dental.

Ultrasonic homogenizers

Ultrasonic homogenizers are powerful equipment for the homogenization of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid suspensions. Its foundation is based on reducing particles to nano size and distributing them evenly. Ultrasonic homogenizers can be used to mix, disperse and emulsify, resulting in a perfectly homogenized mixture.

Ultrasonic homogenizers are the ideal equipment for reducing particles, both solids and liquids. These devices work as follows: when the sample, which must be moist, is exposed to intense ultrasonation, sound waves pass through the liquid generating cycles of variant pressure, between high and low. When the sample is exposed to low pressure, small vacuum bubbles form. Later, in the high-pressure cycle, the bubbles collapse, resulting in high pressures and high-speed liquid jets. The result of all this process is the production of very small, uniformly distributed particles, i.e. a homogeneous solution.

Uses of ultrasonic homogenizers

Ultrasonic homogenizers are the ideal equipment when it is necessary to obtain โ€œsludgeโ€, solid-liquid mixtures, suspensions and liquid-liquid mixtures. In order to obtain them, ultrasonic homogenizers use the ultrasonic cavitation principle, therefore it is vital that the sample to be homogenized is moistened. When choosing a homogenizer, ultrasonic homogenizers are the most recommended equipment because they are characterized by reliable and high quality homogenization, even when the materials to be used are of viscous consistency.

Ultrasonic homogenizers, in addition to being used for the elaboration of emulsions and dispersions, are extremely important in fields such as cell biology, molecular biology and biotechnology, where they are used, among other things, for cell lysis and fractionation, to extract intracellular compounds, for the cutting of chromatin, DNA and RNA, and for the disruption of various types of tissue. At the industrial level they are used for the elaboration of dental hygiene products, such as toothpaste and creams, and in the homogenization and production of food. For this reason, ultrasonic homogenizers come in different sizes and for different sample volumes, from small, such as 0.1 ml, to industrial volumes, such as in the preparation of supplements and extraction of bioassets.

Advantages of ultrasonic homogenizers

Compared to conventional homogenizers, ultrasonic homogenizers have the ability to result in high quality suspensions, emulsions and dispersions, thanks to their operation based on ultrasonic cavitation. Here are the advantages of acquiring an ultrasonic homogenizer:

  • They produce smaller particles than conventional homogenizers.
  • Show narrower distribution curves.
  • They can handle samples with high concentrations.
  • Important process parameters such as power, time, amplitude, pressure and temperature can be controlled.
  • Effective and easy to use.

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