304 Stainless Steel Laboratory Work Bench YR06013-1 // YR06013-13

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Worktop: 304# stainless steel, thickness 12.7 mm with edge double layer thickened to 25 mm, resistant to strong acid ,strong alkali, anti-corrosion.

Cabinet: 1.0mm thick 304# stainless steel

Slideway: 3 section Slideway, no noise

Adjustable feet: corrosion-resist high strength

Hinge: open type high quality hinge

Handle: stainless steel bright type handle

Standard color: stainless steel

Socket: not supply

Technical Specification:
Model Description Size mm (W*D*H)
YR06013-1 Stainless steel – Side workbench 1000*750*800mm
YR06013-2 Stainless steel – Side workbench 1500*750*800mm
YR06013-3 Stainless steel – Side workbench 1800*750*800
YR06013-4 Stainless steel – Side workbench 2000*750*800
YR06013-5 Stainless steel – Side workbench 3000*750*800
YR06013-6 Stainless steel – Corner workbench 1000*1000*800mm
YR06013-7 Stainless steel – Sink workbench 950*750*800 mm
YR06013-8 Stainless steel – Sink workbench 1200*750*800
YR06013-9 Stainless steel – Wall hanging cabinet 750*350*600
YR06013-10 Stainless steel – Island workbench 1500*1500*800
YR06013-11 Stainless steel – Island workbench 2000*1500*800
YR06013-12 Stainless steel – Island workbench 2500*1500*800
YR06013-13 Stainless steel – Island workbench 3000*1500*800


Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR06013-1 Stainless steel – Side workbench, YR06013-10 Stainless steel – Island workbench, YR06013-11 Stainless steel – Island workbench, YR06013-12 Stainless steel – Island workbench, YR06013-13 Stainless steel – Island workbench, YR06013-2 Stainless steel – Side workbench, YR06013-3 Stainless steel – Side workbench, YR06013-4 Stainless steel – Side workbench, YR06013-5 Stainless steel – Side workbench, YR06013-6 Stainless steel – Corner workbench, YR06013-7 Stainless steel – Sink workbench, YR06013-8 Stainless steel – Sink workbench, YR06013-9 Stainless steel – Wall hanging cabinet


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