Care and maintenance of an ultrasound scanner?

Ultrasound scanners must be maintained to be handled correctly, so care must be reasonable by inspection, sterilization or disinfection, as necessary. Failure to comply with the care and maintenance of the equipment can cause difficulties in the analysis of the same, showing undesired and erroneous results, causing irreparable damage of the equipment.

That is why, thanks to continuous maintenance, the problems that can cause to avoid the risks of failures will be reduced, and in turn, extend the use of the equipment. It is recommended that such care and maintenance be performed at least twice a year or more, depending on the frequency of use.

Steps for Ultrasound Scanner Maintenance

Technology is one of the allies of medicine in determining, knowing and curing the various complications that affect patients, because there are so many pathologies, that become challenges for health professionals. It is convenient to use the ultrasound scanner as the essential device when making any diagnosis. But, to fulfill this, the medical professional, must have equipment able to decipher the studies to be performed in patients, so it is convenient, the maintenance and care of said equipment, which are fulfilled through the following steps:

  • Integral internal and external washing of pedals, control panel, hand switch, electronic cards, electrical contacts, switches, etc.
  • Physical study of the team.
  • Exploration of transducers.
  • Review and calibration of voltage sources.
  • Order in the power of the equipment
  • Voltage adjustments and calibration.
  • Maintenance, lubrication and adjustment of mechanical parts.

All of the above, in order to reduce costs in medical care units, reducing the number of spare parts and reserves, making ultrasound scanners stay in optimal condition and planning the human resource correctly.

Benefits in the Care of Ultrasound Scannerย 

It is important to consider taking care of the ultrasound scanner, so that future problems can be detected and repairs and unnecessary costs can be reduced. Therefore, previous care is beneficial, such as:

  • The ultrasound scanner with due care, would not lose warranty.
  • Reduces repairs and costs unnecessary.
  • It certifies that the device is graduated according to the various standards of use, exposed by the manufacturers.
  • Extends the life of the scanner and reaches the ideal utility.
  • Increased production and inputs.

And most importantly, the ultrasound scanner is kept in optimal condition for the safety of the medical personnel operating it and the patients.

However, through the daily use of the equipment, it causes wear, in addition to the total dirt on each of its parts, causing mismatches of certain elements. In addition, misuse and other external factors of use increase the likelihood of failure. Therefore, it is important to perform the relevant care on a continuous basis, to avoid future wear and tear and to ensure the performance of professionals and to offer safety to patients.ย 

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