How are operating lamps used?

Operating room lamps are used to optimize and obtain a maximum clear display within the operating field, with the appropriate luminosity, allowing small objects to be perceived. In addition, they are made with incandescent type lights or LED lights, full of gas and halogen, to avoid the problem of radiation, caused by excessive heat avoids discomfort in the surgical area.

The lights used in surgical lamps resemble typical household light bulbs emitting light from a filament, shining in a glass chamber filled with gas, but at levels adaptable to the needs of medical staff, bringing benefits, and avoiding the shadows of hands, heads and instruments within the surgical field.ย 

Characteristics of Operating Room Lamps

The operating room lamps, are structured basically to benefit the luminosity work of the operating area, consists of, heads attached to a suspension arm adapted to a fixed base, allowing safe handling by medical personnel. In addition, it contains very bright, precise white bulbs with greater energy efficiency, durable and without emitting absolute heat. The quality of the bulbs is expressed in heat temperatures in kelvins (K) or by the heat representation index (IRC).

In lighting contexts, the exact control of heat temperature is not critical, due to the adaptability of human visual perception. However, differences in appearance may occur if adjacent objects are illuminated by light sources with significantly different heat temperatures. In this sense, if due to the illumination a color different from the real, could cause complications in the diagnosis or the surgical intervention itself. The more electric current, the more intense the light.ย 

Therefore, operating room lamps must be mechanically comfortable, within the reach of the staff handling them, to position and adjust them according to the adjustment needs, without complicated maneuvers, which are not a distraction, because in an operation, the focus of attention must be the patient.

Functions of Operating Room Lamps

For the proper use of operating room lamps, surgeons must determine the quality and disposition for service, therefore, the lamps must meet the requirements of functionality, which are:

  • Operate the high luminous energy to achieve a correct density.
  • Harmonic distribution of light.
  • Avoid shading parts.
  • Sufficient luminous consistency in the depth of the operating room.
  • Legitimate reproduction of light for a greater perception of the colors of organs, vessels and tissues with high color temperature.
  • Avoid thermal radiation.
  • Safety against a light failure.

Good lighting is the necessity for the optimal working conditions of the operator. They are an advantage, so the higher the electric current, the higher the illumination, and therefore a sharper picture for the view of the operating table that the surgeon and all the medical team works on

Kalstein-brand operating room lampsย 

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