What are the parts of a cialitic lamp?

The cialitic lamp is an ideal equipment to project bright light in the operating room area, and with a whole range of mechanical and optical flexibilityr equeridas in cirugรญ a. These lamps are installed on the ceiling, and has transformers capable of converting the voltage lines required for the bulbs that compose it and projecting the necessary lighting for the safety of doctors, assistants and patients. The distribution of light must be radial conical with attenuation of the projected shadows, which allow to see the deep cavities and minimize eye fatigue. The lighting must be central and must have backup lighting in case of failure.

It offers an adjustable field size, so as not to hinder with the attenuation of the environment, where reflections and glare from clothing, sponges or instruments can be a source of discomfort for the eyes.

In terms of energy efficiency, the technologies of the lamps would be classified: LED, Gas and Halogen. It is important not only for the savings but for the disadvantages of heat dissipation and desiccation of the surgical field, its possibilities in the variations of the colors the LEDs allow the grouping of different colors, the gas and halogen lamps, have a fixed color. As for durability, LEDs (40,000h); gas (5,000h) and incandescence (1000h). Finally, the availability, LEDs and halogen are immediate, but the gas type requires a heating time.

Parts of the Cialitica lamp

To achieve optimal visualization, cialitic lamps do their job, illuminating the areas within the operating room, allowing small objects of low contrast to be seen with better accuracy, in addition, they reduce shadows and minimize color distortion and are composed of:

  • Bulbs, which emit scattered shapes
  • Kata-thermal filter, which lets through the part of the light spectrum that mattersย 
  • Capacitor, which concentrates all those scattered beams in a predetermined strip.ย 
  • Multiple mirrors, which project towards a certain point.ย 
  • Tcurrent transformer, converts the incoming voltage line into minimum voltage.
  • Light control, by a dashboard, light intensity (major, medium or lower).

Kalstein Brand Cialitic Lamps

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  • They are durable, have a range of 10 to 12 times more than halogen bulbs
  • They do not consume much energy, it is much lower than halogen bulbs
  • They do not emit heat, generated by LED bulbs is minimal, so they hardly alter the ambient temperature of the operating room.

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