How do external noises affect the incubator and the premature baby?

Premature infants are a special challenge for neonatal medicine because of their frailty and need for a suitable environment for their proper development, constant sound and external noise have a major impact on the oxygen and fat layer of neonates.

Acoustics in an incubator environment is even a critical factor in reducing risks to child safety and development; premature babies have a very immature hearing system, which means that excessive common noises can have profound effects on them.

External factors that influence the good development of premature babies

Therefore, sounds can decrease oxygen levels in their meager development, this can also be harmful for babies trying to mature and overcome the uncertainty of their situation.

High sound in the incubator also affects nutrient absorption and stem cell production in the body, resulting in increased risk of long-term neurological development. The field of neonatal medicine has greatly improved to create an appropriate environment for premature babies.

Benefits that incubators generate to newborns thanks to the new technology applied in them

New low-noise incubator technology helps newborns stay calm, sets the temperature necessary for their development and allows them to be cared for properly, these incubators allow babies to receive proper care without being exposed to high environments.

These incubators are usually equipped with two independent auditors to perform specific measurements of sound levels in the infant’s room.

Place the incubators in a place that has the least noise possible so that it does not affect the baby’s development

The low noise incubator also allows doctors to be alerted when sound levels exceed the safety limits set in the area; in addition to the new low noise incubator technology, parents should also be aware of the amount of environmental noise that occurs in the room.

Everyone should remember that premature babies are very sensitive to external sounds, controlling external environmental sounds helps newborns achieve optimal health and development.

To provide an optimal environment for development since it will improve the quality of life of newborns

Ultimately, external noises in the incubator environment can affect and alter the natural balance of the premature baby, causing significant damage to the course of its development.

It is important to reduce the presence of noise and make sure babies are in a safe environment where they are allowed to mature and grow safely.

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