What type of dental chair do you need for your practice?

As a dentist, choosing the right chair for your practice can be an exciting challenge, as you are equipping a waiting, examination and work room; because the note that your dentist gives patients depends on their environment and physical comfort to a large extent, selecting the right dental chair is an important step.

So, you need to explore what kind of dental chair you need for your practice, first of all, you need to examine the main aspects of your practice and how this influences the choice of your chair.

Selecting the right dental chair, comfortable and practical for both the patient and the dentist

If you are a general dentist, you can opt for the traditional chair, which includes a central part and several lateral extensions for varied patient support, if your practice includes surgical procedures, you may prefer a chair with more refined settings, allowing greater mobility, greater stability and more comfortable positions for the patient.

You will also need to consider the size and shape of the chair, it should fit the room and offer enough space to move around; make sure the chair is large enough to accommodate most patients, and not too large to be impractical.

Considering the accessories that have dental chairs and the material with which it is made is essential to improve the practice

Also note the side extensions, arms and head restraints, these should be adjustable so that patients of different sizes can comfortably accommodate for a dental examination.

The next aspect to consider is the material of which the chair is made; it must be resistant to wear and disinfectants with which the daily cleaning will be carried out, the finishes of canvas or fabric must be of high quality to ensure adequate durability.

Ergonomics is an essential point when selecting a dental chair

On the other hand, the dental chair should be comfortable, safe and ergonomically effective for both the dentist and the patient, whether they prefer a padded chair for comfort, with built-in footrests, or a chair with adjustable headrests, certainly, ergonomics should be an important factor to consider.

Also, you should evaluate each chair in terms of the types of functionalities, some features include height adjustable, tilt adjustable, dentist workplace suction system, storage tray and lighting system.

Features to consider in terms of comfort and budget

In conclusion, you must consider the budget, practice and ergonomics needs, so you can make a decision that satisfies your patients and allows you a safe and comfortable work.

These features will make your practice more efficient and versatile; choosing the right chair for your practice can be a difficult decision.

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