Is an Elisa Microplate Washer Important?

The importance of the Elisa technique, has to do with the detection of diseases until quantification by immunoabsorption assays that linked to enzymes, detect color changes, and allow the measurement of antigen in the sample, using spectrophotometry.

Basically, this technique allows the study of abnormalities or infections in patients. Currently, labs use the Elisa technique to diagnose diseases, such as cancer, hepatitis, HIV or COVID-19.ย ย 

The measurement of these studies is carried out with suitable equipment, such as microplate readers or Elisa spectrophotometers.

Consequently, the Elisa microplate washer will allow the accuracy or correction that the equipment presents, in terms of absorbance values for different wavelengths, and evaluate the ability of the monochrome mechanism of the spectrophotometer, to divide a certain wavelength, from the rest of the illumination spectrum.

Importance of an Elisa Microplate Washer

The importance of the Elisa washing machine lies in that through this equipment, it allows to eliminate any residue and responds efficiently, and to obtain high precision results, it must be washed with buffer, between 1 and 3 liters of solution, horizontally, to be able to reach the plate, through the supply and extraction of each well, in order to dispense the washing solution, and in each well 300 ยตl of solution is used per cycle. Likewise, by means of the injection, suction and supply technique, the liquid will achieve that the leftovers of the substances get out.

It should be noted that it is important to keep the equipment in perfect condition, so preventive maintenance is required, summarized as follows:ย 

  • Examine the optical sensors of each channel, they should be completely out of any dirt.
  • Verify proper calibration.
  • Inspect the automatic board feed.
  • Measure the stability of the equipment, using calibration filters with 30-minute intervals at the same plate.
  • Check the alignment of each well.
  • Check that the washer complies with the dispensed volume.
  • Do not exceed the uniformity of filling.
  • Rectify that the supply and removal needles are fully fit and clean.ย 
  • Use distilled water to wash the equipment, after being used to remove any salt substances in the supply and extraction ducts.

In short, the demands of quality in laboratories, requires a series of logistic type requirements, to ensure the proper implementation of the equipment to use. And the use of washing machine by Elisa, is a key piece to standardize own values in its functions.

Team Structure

The Elisa microplate washer has its own characteristics for its operation, allowing maintenance controls to be handled easily and without problems.ย 

The equipment is able to wash plates of 96 positions that make up a matrix of 8 x 12 wells. It offers facilities for the coding of measures, depending on the specific requirements of each wash, and also for the permanent collection of these, can be selected by means of the keyboard from a menu displayed in an alphanumeric mechanism.

Thus, the main parts can be seen:

  • The conveyor, where the plate to be washed is placed.
  • Dispensing heads, are responsible for uniformly administering the liquid in the wells of the reaction plate
  • Suction technique, to remove the waste.
  • Solution repository containing the scrubbing resource.ย 
  • Bottle holder.
  • Silicone hoses, for the interconnection of the different elements of the hydropneumatic system.
  • Control panel, where the keyboard is located, and the light indicators, which facilitate the exchange of information with the operator.

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