Laboratory conductmeter, operation

A conductivity meter or conductivity meter is a laboratory device, which is used to measure the amount of electrical current or conductance in a solution. That is, it is the instrument that is used to know the conductivity (electric charge) in water body, parameter that is useful to determine the general health of natural water bodies. It is also a way to detect changes in wastewater procedures at treatment plants.

It is a widely used equipment in water treatment plants, and in any water treatment or monitoring procedure, as well as in environmental analysis laboratories.

What is conductivity?

Conductivity is the ability of a solution to conduct electrical current. It is a measure of the total ionic concentration that has a solution.

How does a conductmeter work?

A conductimeter has a test tip. After the probe is placed in the liquid to be measured, the meter applies voltage between two probe electrodes. The electrical resistance of the solution causes a drop in voltage, which is read by the meter. The meter converts this reading into millimicromhos or millimicrosiemens per centimeter.

The conductimeter measures the electrical conductivity of the ions in a solution in a solution. To do this, it applies an electric field between two electrodes and measures the electrical resistance of the solution. To avoid changes in substances, layer effect on electrodes, an alternating current is applied.

There is currently a wide variety of conductivity meters or meters. Some of them include measurements of TDS (total dissolved solids). Some PCs are portable, allowing use in and out of the lab, while desktop models have more computerized features and complexity than compact models do not.

What do we offer you in Kalstein?

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of laboratory equipment of the highest quality and with the best technology, at the best prices in the market, so we offer you novel portable and desktop conductors, adapted to each of your needs. This time we present you our YR01829 Desktop Conductivity Meter, which has the following important features:

  • The classic BenchTop conductivity meter is equipped with a backlit LCD display.
  • Calibration from 1 to 3 points with automatic recognition by conductivity standards.
  • Automatic temperature compensation corrects the conductivity measurement to the reference
  • temperature.
  • Auto-read function The measurement end point is detected and locked.
  • The reset function automatically resumes all settings to factory default values.

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